Merry Christmas

Every year, I am thankful for another 365 days of lessons. It seems the older I get, the more the Lord teaches me. This year has been about growth. It’s been about losing loved ones, recognizing the ones that we have, learning not to feud with others, and being thankful for what God has provided. Richard and I are extremely blessed by valuable friendships. Work, the kids school, church, etc. We are surrounded by people that love us.

In the past two weeks, we have buried my grandmother and then our oldest dog today. Death is, if nothing, certain. It is hard to accept, but it is but a simple passing. I appreciated this Thanksgiving vacation a little more this year, knowing I had my husband and children and that each day isn’t promised.

I pray this year, that you recognize the reason for Christmas. That you learn that life isn’t promised and that the words you choose have impact. Love others as Christ loved the world. For each breath may be your last.


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