COVID-19 Fat Life

Y’all – I legitimately feel like crap.

Since March, I was down to 185. That’s a HUGE decrease from my starting weight of 230. I mean, like yo, massive.

Unfortunately, I’ve gained some weight back. There are days I feel like I’m eating total trash, but there are other days I’m barely eating at all or eating at stupid weird hours. It’s made for this whole COVID-19 weight gain thing a real pain in the butt. I’m not walking much like I was before, I’m barely remembering to eat – and when I do, I grab something fast like cereal or something else full of carbs.

I felt like Little Debbie Barbie.

But, knowing is half the battle, right? It’s never too late to get on track! So, I’ve got PLENTY of my fav NS foods and I know the plan WORKS. I also know how to EAT normally when I’m not eating their food, so it’s just back to getting on track there.

So, here’s to accountability. See you tomorrow! Day 1, starts now!

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