Welcome 2019!

I’m the world’s worst food planner.  I really want to get better at this, but I’m just not great at it.  I envy the family that can meal plan/prep and stay on budget.  This isn’t my strong suit.  However, I’m getting better!

Finding a Good Chair…

…is almost as hard as finding a good husband.  

Kidding, honey.  Maybe. 

But, really.  A good desk chair is something that is important if you’re going to be sitting in it all day – or if you work from home – or if you’re even on the computer for more than an hour at a time.  A bad chair can make your back hurt, your neck hurt, and more.  

Giving Thanks

Every year since our little guy was born, we’ve tried to take a vacation during the Thanksgiving holidays.  The past two years have been a little different in that we decided to have Thanksgiving at the coast, instead of trying to go the day after.  It helps with vacation time, but it also make the […]

Mom Rules

I tried to start this post with talking about how ‘for the most part, I’m pretty laid back…’ but then I’m not sure if my guilty conscious got to me or if the Lord was warming up a lightning bolt, but I erased it.  Quickly.  I’m pretty high strung, but I think that contributes to […]

All things lately…

I’ve got a secret to share with you.  Ready?  I know, it’s gonna be a shocker, but I think we might want to get this out of the way – probably before we go much further… I know, just let that sink in for a few minutes.  You’ll be okay.  So what’s brought me to […]

First day of school!

Silas and Elysha were especially excited that they got to meet ‘The Jenga Player’ on deck today.   Our sweet friend Laurie has an amazing son who has really made a difference in Silas’ life.