When the house goes down…

It’s been a crazy week here at the Urban household.  Elle got taken down with strep last week and the whole house managed to get mama sick, which like…never happens y’all.


Little bit is still down for the count today.  After deciding to shower our clean floors with all her sickness, we decided to keep her home again today.  This morning, we are working on a diet of toast and water.  I even tried some applesauce.  We will see how that goes.

We had a good weekend – just spent it at home.  My husband got to help a friend put new brakes on his car.  We cleaned the house up and something got into my dear sweet husband because he even took apart the sectional and cleaned under/behind it.  After that, I wanted to find a hiding spot – not just from the kids, but from him.  Cause, work?  No thanks.  I’m drained!


This picture is funny – mostly because I don’t drink (I think there’s something wrong with me for this choice) and I don’t read books much.  But, if I could fit into the dryer to hide, I would.  But I’ve adapted some VERY good hiding spots in the house from the kids.  (Oh, don’t give me that look.  You’ve done it, too.  I just admit my own shortcomings.)


I’ve decided I’m going to work even harder on my Poker Face.  My boss always tells me ‘you may think people can’t understand what you’re thinking…but you read like a book.’

I tell people often that RBF (Resting B**** Face) is a real thing.  I mean, the Washington Post is writing about it – so it’s gotta be real, right?  But seriously, I don’t hate everyone. My face just thinks I do.

Speaking of working on things.  Pinterest gets me EVERY weekend.  I love Pinterest. Mostly because I’m not a Pinterest mom and I love the reality check that I’ll never be that good.  But, there are actually some great ideas on Pinterest.  I found this one the other day and thought ‘Hrmph, it’s a shame I threw all these hangers away for chips!’


Click that picture if you want to see more on that. That site has some cool stuff!  What cool hacks are you aware of that you need to share with me?

Comment below!


On a more serious note, my grandmother is getting ready to meet Jesus.  She is an amazing woman and left behind a huge legacy.  Her and my grandfather taught me so much about Christ and raising my children.


I found pictures of her with the kids and this is how I will always remember her.  Death is only temporary on this world.  It’s a pause in the conversation between you and God.  One breath here – and the next, with the Lord.

She’s had some good opportunities to call us and say goodbye.  I am so thankful for FaceTime.  It’s been hard, but it’s made her passing (when it happens), easier.  I am sure we will be taking a trip up there soon.

Life is shorter than we realize.  Even if you live to be 100 years old, you never have enough time to work through everything you want to do.  Every step  you take leaves an imprint on this world.  Whether you use your words to heal or hurt, your actions to help or hinder, you leave a legacy behind.

We should all take the time to understand that we are impacting generations down the road.  Hundreds of thousands of peoples lives are impacted by your personal choice to make a difference or dig your heels in.

What is your legacy going to say about you?



Parenting Laziness

Sometimes, I am just of the opinion that I’m a tiredexhaustedlazy unorganized parent.  I mean, life is BUSY y’all!

My sweetie had recently rearranged Elysha’s bedroom to take advantage of the spare bed we had in our house now that she’s a big girl and I’ll be posting some updates on what that room looks like soon!  (Stay tuned!)  We’re kind of a ‘rustic’ furniture home, so if it looks good ‘dirty,’ we often love it!  (Maybe ‘worn’ is the better word here?)

I am in love with wooden signs, y’all.  I mean, in love.  There’s one at MCA where Silas goes to school that I love and am going to re-create something similar.  Then, there’s another one I saw in a window when we went to Scare on the Square.

By the way, if you haven’t done Scare on the Square with a child with strep throat, I strongly recommend you try it.  (I’m not sure what we were thinking…)

However, despite this, she smiled through it!  Silas went as Anakin again and Richard went as Obi-wan.  I think we’re on our last year as this costume set with Silas and it’s time to invest in a real costume like dads.

Super big thanks to the guys in blue for taking some pics with the kids.  We’re really big on our police presence and love to support our men and women in blue.  It’s important that each time we see police/fire/etc., that we teach our kids to thank them for their service.  Shout out to these 4 guys at the McKinney Police Department for taking the time to pose for a photo op with Anakin and Rapunzel!


Silas has been on the mend from his sick days lately and it amazes me how much he can continue to smile through it even though it’s cold and dreary.  He even came to a football game last Friday when we didn’t feel 100% and then attended his own game the next day.  Special thanks to little Hope for posing with him, too. He was so happy she attended a game with him, too!  (Have I mentioned how much we adore this little princess?)

The cheerleaders at the game even took time to love on Abbie (one of our Pekingese pups) when we brought her to the game – though I’m not sure how much everyone appreciated how much of a distraction she was.  If your kids went home with long white strands of hair, it’s our fault.  Sorry, kind of.


Family time is important to us and it’s often hard to get selfies of the whole crew, but when we do, I’m always in love with the smiles.  I particularly love this one because of Elysha’s little ‘fist bump’.  In reality, she was telling the camera to ‘kiss it!’  She has this adorable little habit of holding her hand out for you to kiss.  Gosh, can you love her anymore?


Then there’s this side of her.




She’s definitely my kid.  Because me, and mornings?  No, thank you.  I mean, not without a giant cup of my favorite coffee (Carmelicious) from Scooters!

P.S.  312 calories isn’t THAT bad, right?


I need some recommendations on duvet covers y’all.  I really love our down comforter.  I recently bought an amazing allergy cover and finally got it on right (it only took me 2 hours to figure out I had it on wrong and then was so frustrated that I had to start over that I nearly wanted to crawl up in the corner and rock back and forth).


First, there has to be an easier way to get these on.  Second, do ALL duvet covers run big?  I hesitate to put on the actual bedspread cover because I end up with all sorts of extra material at the top and I get SUPER WEIRD about all that excess material with no comforter.   My head might even spin in random directions.



Please tell me I am not the only one that deals with this.  What am I doing wrong?  I love the size of our comforter and the fluffiness, but MAN, it makes me want to get rid of it!

So, tell me how your week has been.  What are you working on this week?

Texas State Fair Day!

The State Fair of Texas is a big deal.  And not just big as in Fair Day big.  But, Texas big.


Y’all.  We don’t just do Fair Day.  Texas IS Fair Day.  And we do it, Texas Style.


From the fried foods competitions, livestock shows, rides, games, and more.  It’s an exhausting experience that you literally take a day off of work for.  Big football games happen here – the UT vs. OU game happens here, too.  (One of the two days you never want to show up with your littles!)  Old rivalries are ignited and college kids come out of the woodworks on that day often painted in maroon or orange, beer in hand.

Most other days it’s great!  Texas schools get off one day a year to attend the State Fair.  Our school age kiddos get free admission and every year, we make a big deal out of it.  We go as soon as it opens if we can and stay until after the lights show.

We ran into a sweet friend while we were out there.  My little Silas just adores his little friend and they went on lots of rides together.  Great friends!

Food is amazing.  We had Texas shaped nachos and we even tried the fried food winner this year.   (Bacon Quest Funnel Burger)  IMG_1845

Honestly, it’s one of those things that doesn’t look great, but the mix of everything together was actually pretty good!  I had a hard time locating it, so if you’re going this year – check out the Food Court by Big Tex himself. It’s located in the Pizza place.  (I know, right?!)


The fair is never complete without stopping to take a peek at the animals.  The children’s petting zoo is one of my favs.  Alpacas and llamas are the best, but this year, I found some baby piglets that I wanted to take home!


I mean, stop.  Don’t they just look adorable?

But, this one was my favorite.  An albino peacock.  I love peacocks.  The colors, the tails, everything.  But this white beauty was something else.  Too bad he/she didn’t have her tail up so I could get a pic, but I could only imagine!


Lots of pics of the kids and their friends – and of course, we went in our A&M colors!  Have I mentioned how much I love our MCA family?  The Cormneys are probably one of my favorite families at MCA (Ely would tell you mostly because she loves Kid Expressions, but I just love how close the kids have gotten.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out this place, it’s so much fun for the kids.  Tim and his sweet wife, Olesja, have opened up this place for kids.  Think kid recreation place/party place, but way cooler.  They have a carpeted facility and each room features a unique theme:

  • Books to read and puzzles to work on matching skills
  • Train room where kids can work on creativity and imagination while working on fine motor skills to place tracks together and link large areas to play
  • Science room where kids can look through microscopes, build engineering boards, play classic mini-sized arcade games, and more
  • Toddler room, complete with extra padding for those little ones not yet walking with a chunky toddler train play area and slide area
  • Musical room for kids to work on music skills, sing, dance, and play karaoke
  • Art room for those creative kids who love to draw and paint (complete with aprons to keep your littles clean!)
  • They also have lots of oversized legos, puzzles throughout the building, and even have a bounce house in the area, too.
  • In addition to all of this, they have a party room where you can rent to have parties!

Not to mention, Tim and Olejsa do ‘Parents Night Out’ every 2 weeks.  This is a time where you can drop your kid off and they will watch your kiddo and feed them!  They also have arts and crafts days on some weekends where you can bring your little one to make crafts for special holidays.

Have I mentioned how much of a fan I am?  This place is over in McKinney off ElDorado Parkway, too.  If you haven’t gone yet, go!  And bring your spouse on a night for Parents Night Out and enjoy some time away from the kids!

One of the other things I love about the Fair is that it’s a great place to just see new things.  I loved this little umbrella rooftop.  It was created over in the Wine Garden.  What a fun way to block the sun!


Of course, no fair is complete without lots of family photos/selfies to prove how everyone enjoyed the day.  We’re teaching our little Silas how to take pics and I was pretty proud of this one he got of me and Daddy.


Of course, as a family, we’re still working on that ‘no-selfie-stick-try-to-cram-everyone-in-the-frame’ look. (grin)


And we LOVE the police presence at the Fair!  Thank you so much to all of our special men and women in blue who protect and serve. The Fair is chaotic, but we appreciate you helping to keep us safe and taking a brief moment for a photo op!  #backtheblue


But, more importantly…you always know the fair is a success when you take the train ride home and can capture these sweet photos.  One day, they will be too big to fit on my lap.  But, for now, I’ll take it.


Mississippi Pot Roast

Y’all.  I love food.  Food loves me.  We have a relationship where I have made a secret vow to never ever ever become a vegan because anything green in major quantities might actually kill me.  There.  I said it.  Death to vegetables.  Bring me meat.

Just kidding.  Sort of.

I saw one of my friends on Facebook talk about this thing called Mississippi Pot Roast and I was interested in trying it out.  Mostly because every pot roast I have ever eaten is just awful.  Onion soup, potatoes, carrots, and a big hunk of cow and fat.  Sorry mom.  Might as well feed me those wax beans!

Anyway, I have tried all sorts.  I even tried that Dr. Pepper roast.  Gross.  Not a good choice.  Maybe I did it wrong – but it was still just too dry for me.  I’m not looking for a stew consistency, I don’t think, but I’m not looking to choke on stringy, dry meat either.

So, I wanted to try this one out.  And…I LOVE IT!  And, even better…my kids ate it!  (And don’t tell them now, but it was cooked with…peppercinis!  *Gasp*  *Shock* *Awe*)

So, let me tell you how this all worked!


First, I ran to the store and picked up some ingredients.  This one called for:

  1. 3 lbs chuck roast (I opt for very little fat.  Cause, gross y’all if it’s fatty.)
  2. 1 packet Ranch dressing mix (I’m not sure if there’s a difference in the dressing versus dip, so I made sure to get the dressing)
  3. 1 packet dry onion soup mix
  4. 8 peppercinis (get the whole ones so you can easily remove them if your kids don’t like spicy food and you can find these usually on the top shelf in the salad dressing aisle)
  5. 1 stick of butter (don’t even think about margarine)
  6. 2 tsp olive oil

I used my little Ninja crockpot – because I love to sear my meat in there first and then cook it in the same pan.  I got the pan nice and hot and then put those 2 tsp of EVOO into the pan and seared each side for about 3 minutes (including the sides).


Then, I added the ranch dressing, onion soup, stick of butter, and peppercinis.  No need to add liquid.  The butter and peppercinis will take care of that for you!  (And you might actually want to drink this liquid gold when you’re done, cause it’s that good!)


Then, just covered and slow cooked for about 6 hours.  You can go longer if you want your meat to be much more tender (which I would recommend), but my kids were starving.  So, the cow was dead and I pulled it so they could eat.    Then, just peel the meat into strips with your forks and let it soak in that juice.


Tossed some mashed potatoes and ranch broccoli on there and voila!  Dinner is served.  (See kid approved dinner, below!)


I would really recommend this if you’re looking to change up your roast.  The peppercinis weren’t spicy either.  If you wanted it spicy, you could easily leave them in the meat or pour some of that juice in, but I wanted my kids to eat this, so I took them out before serving.  They didn’t even notice.  It just gives it a nice flavor.

What a weekend!

I am still relishing over the Lil Stangs Football team.  I mean, look at this tough little crew.   Call me biased.  But, those faces.  That sun.  Those jerseys.  I’m not even sure which awesome mom took these photos, but I.  Am.  In LOVE!


Little bit watched the game with us.  She’s incredibly precious.  Something is a bit off with her though.  Sleepiness?  Hunger?  She wasn’t that little princess we know and love this weekend.  This little smile is a game with her, sometimes!  She’s a little player, for sure.

2017-09-16 04.07.19

Overall, it was a good game.  We lost, again, but it’s all about spirit, right? Silas is really learning how to play center well.  I’m pretty excited about him playing center and I need to work on practicing his ball snaps.

2017-09-16 05.04.48

We watched a friends dog this weekend, too.  Added to our pack for a couple of days.  She’s a sweet little mutt.  The kids LOVED her.  She’s twice the size of our dogs and can definitely pull a little harder on the leash and jump higher (like onto our bed!).  She was fun to get used to, but the kids were sad to see her go Sunday.


Saturday morning before the game, I spent some time mowing the front pasture while Daddy mowed the areas around the house. I prefer the pasture because I love the tractor.  My husband bought us an L series Kubota a while back and I love that it’s automatic and easy to drive.  He also bought us a zero-turn, but I’m not as fond of this one.  Mostly because we have hills and I can’t seem to drive this thing.

But, I really do love mowing first thing in the morning.  It’s early and I can put in some country music and just listen to music and mow away.  Just me and The Lord.

After that, we worked on the side of the house.  It’s been a bit dirty and I bought some Scott’s Outdoor Cleaner.  Daddy got up there and started scrubbing.  Overall, it easily cleaned off the mildew off of our siding and was relatively painless.  Ideally, I guess you aren’t supposed to scrub this stuff, but because it was so high, we had to get up there since the hose pressure simply would not reach.

It’s summertime now.  So, this meme is accurate for the season.

Spiders.  Are.  Everywhere.


We finished up the day Saturday with a rodeo at Kings Trail Cowboy Church.  Loved every minute of it.  Especially the kids calf chase.  Silas even got in on the fun!  It’s always good to see these guys doing what country boys do best.


Sunday was a lazy day – not lazy enough though, I guess.  Daddy is working on rebuilding a truck.  If you’re interested in this project, go follow him HERE.  We emptied out the fuel tank last night (which by the way STINKS after years of sitting there).  And I complained. The whole time.

Glad he’s getting to enjoy himself.  But, I think I’ll stay inside and binge on Netflix. 😉

Friday Night Lights

Because Texas isn’t amazing enough with our country personalities, sweet tea, hummingbirds, and rocking chairs on our porches, we add Friday Night Lights.  And tonight wasn’t just any football game.  It.  Was.  Homecoming!


The kids had a blast.  Little Silas got to run on the field with his team before the game.  I might have noticed that of course, my child, decided to fall all over the field.  #onpurpose?


The football team was so much fun.  I loved Silas’ little ‘grr face’ that the moms kept asking them to make.

Look tough, they asked!  Well, you got it!


I really loved that they put together a program this year to include the little kiddos of the flag football team and cheer teams.  Shout-out to all our teammates and cheerleaders this year!  So blessed to see each one of these faces and do life together!

Elysha was busy being a little bit of a ham, as usual.  Running around, playing with the other girls, enjoying herself.  She even got to put on her ‘Future MCA Mustang’ shirt.  Just think, this time next month, I’ll be paying her application fees.  Sigh! I am so excited!


Pretty happy with this kids smile.  I mean, he’s a little social butterfly and easy to like, but I know I’m biased. Tonight’s #eyeblack #verse was 2 Timothy 4:7.


One of the coaches is looking to do a different Bible verse for each game.  I think we will use this one tomorrow.  I love that they use this as a learning opportunity prior to games and practices to teach the kids what the scripture means.  Best part of private school!


But, the best part of homecoming?  The drive home!



Texas is an amazing place. Just do a search if you’re not from here on Texas Homecoming.

We. Are. Fanatics.

Texas is definitely known for Friday Night Lights, but we are also known for our Homecoming traditions. Go do yourself a Google search on ‘Texas Homecoming Mums.’ Y’all. We are a mess.

So, in the spirit of being a mess, I love to peruse Pinterest in search of new ideas on mums, garters, spirit ribbons, and all things ‘homecoming’ related. Each year, I’ve made mums or garters for my sisters kids and I’ve never made them for anyone else. This year, my sister and I made the trek to a little store up in Balch Springs called The Saleplace. This place is HEAVEN for anything crafting! It’s like Christmas for Texas Homecomings!

I did pretty good. We bought ribbon, trinkets, etc., but we did our own cutting of ribbon versus buying those crazy spools of ribbon that I would never end up using it all.

So, I fashioned up some a garter and my very first bracelet mum this year. I’ve been looking at smaller things like finger mums and headbands, but my niece wanted a bracelet mum with her drama and painting hobbies, so we did that instead. Overall, it’s pretty nice. We used a tiny little corsage bracelet and then just fashioned a very short mum out of it from there.


The garter ended up pretty nice, too. I’m a little torn on garters some times because there is so much cool stuff to put on them. But, what do guys really want? So, I usually end up going with a miniature version of a mum.


I also got a chance to dabble in making spirit pins this year. Overall, I was pretty happy with how they turned out. They are actually pretty small – maybe 4 inches? We bought some wood helmets, cut the ribbon and then I just mum flower backing and cut it to the shape of the helmet to have something to use for ribbons and the pin backing I wanted to use to pin it on their shirts.



I chose the helmets because we had a few long names and these were the smallest letters I could find. My sister had the idea for those since it made it easy to get the longest name on there. Then, I just added the numbers to the helmet, too.

Made for a pretty fun project and how precious will it be for the kids to wear these to school on Friday. Homecoming, here we come! Go ‘stangs!