Moody Gardens, Iceland & Fishing

Fishing was fun this year for the guys.  It was so windy!  I bought a charter boat ride for the guys via Galveston Fishing Charter Co.

Captain Saul was amazing and Silas…

Clayton C. Anderson and NASA

To Clayton:  Thank you.  You’ll never understand the passion you put behind our son.  He’s a little guy who strives for attention and sometimes, self-worth.  He wants so much to find his place in this world and I’ve always been convinced God has a special task for him.  I pray the fire you lit in him stays for the…

When you finally realize it works…

As a person who is now getting the point of burying my grandparents and other relatives I see starting to get older, I’m realizing how important these memories are.  Pictures can’t be replaced.  They tell a story.  Bad or good, they show us for what we were at a certain point in time and they are to serve as a marker…a kind of…

Day 3 – otherwise known as veggies are hell day…

So, here’s me being all accountable.  What a pretty plate!  I mean, colorful, veggies.  A nice shake.  It was good.  Not.  Today was the ‘If I hate to eat another damn vegetable, I’m going to throw up’ day and that was day 2 of veggies.  I’m so screwed.

Treading Water

You ever had those moments where you look at your schedule and wonder how in the world you’re making it all fit?  Yeah, me too. I recently read a book (well, morel like listened to an audio book, because I don’t have time to just ‘sit and read’) that talked about how we’ll never have […]

All things April!

April has been an amazing month, so far!  Silas is branching out a little more every day and every day, we learn something new about his ADHD.  We’re working to figure out how he handles things day to day and learning how to adapt when things fail for him. ADHD is a hard battle if […]

All things lately…

I’ve got a secret to share with you.  Ready?  I know, it’s gonna be a shocker, but I think we might want to get this out of the way – probably before we go much further… I know, just let that sink in for a few minutes.  You’ll be okay.  So what’s brought me to […]

Thirty-One Bags

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while and talk about some bags I ordered from Julie Savage who is a Thirty-One bags consultant.  Her website is fun and colorful and I kind of dream about this state of organization that these bags would allow me to have – if I could only order one of every.  single.  style.

Parenting Laziness

By the way, if you haven’t done Scare on the Square with a child with strep throat, I strongly recommend you try it.  (I’m not sure what we were thinking…)

Friday Night Lights

Because Texas isn’t amazing enough with our country personalities, sweet tea, hummingbirds, and rocking chairs on our porches, we add Friday Night Lights.  And tonight wasn’t just any football game.  It.  Was.  Homecoming!