Salvation is not earned.

It isn’t until Acts 9 that Jesus boomed over in a loud voice asking Saul while persecuting Him. Saul is blinded by the light in chapter 9 and remains blind for 3 days. In verse 17 of chapter 9, the scales from Saul’s eyes are removed and he is baptized. A few verses down, Saul begins to do the work Jesus has called him to do.

The broken pieces cancer leaves behind

Trials come in life. Trials come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re in that spot where your spouse (or a friend or family member) is dealing with tough things, sickness, etc., talk about it. It’s okay to cry, yell, and ask questions like I did that suck and are hard and nasty to admit. Honor that time with yourself and with your relationships.


It kind of reminded me current day and how we as humans (not just Americans) are really turning a blind eye to so much. Where are we when our neighbor needs help? We are so quick to call out each others shortcomings or lay blame, but no one is helping. Even as Christians, we say “I’ll pray for you,” but it’s become such a quick comeback to make ourselves look mightier than thou. And shame on us, for that.

Meet me in the middle…

2020 has given me so much to think about. This time, confined at home, has sought to teach me things about myself. Being away from church has been difficult. I have not honored the time to watch services online, but I have found ways to stay plugged into Scripture. I have craved hearing about God during this time and found people I love listening to and podcasts I love plugging into.

A Moms View of Jesus

So, it’s Christmas. And every amazing Christmas song is playing. My husband and I usually go to the Shane & Shane and Phil Wickham concert every year but this year, opted to watch it online due to COVID-19. I’ve been listening to the song Face of God by Phil Wickham and O Come, O Come […]

The World is Made of Pizza.

This weekend, I had a pretty good reboot to get back on track hard and stick to only those foods and not cheat, which helped a lot.  Bar weekend, baby!  Thankfully, I’ve…

Weight and Picture Updates!

Dieting isn’t easy.  Making a lifestyle change is even harder.  But, it’s completely doable if you’re willing to do it and move through the process. I mean, look at this pic!  If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!  If you’re ready to save some money on it, too, I can give you a code that will get you

Hitting a milestone!

I was so nervous if you’ll recall from my first post.  Eating prepared meals that can outlive the apocalypse was a bit scary.  I mean, I’ve even questioned if God Himself can destroy the meals when the…


I was so tired this morning in general and my eyes were burning.  I was literally just exhausted.  I’m sure a lot of it was food and the other part of it was in general beating myself into the…

Moody Gardens, Iceland & Fishing

Fishing was fun this year for the guys.  It was so windy!  I bought a charter boat ride for the guys via Galveston Fishing Charter Co.

Captain Saul was amazing and Silas…