Why I don’t make resolutions…

Interestingly enough, I struggle with New Years ‘resolutions.’  Not because they aren’t great goals for me, but because like most of the world, I set unattainable, unrealistic goals that often are saturated in failure before I even get started.   However, this year, I’ve decided NOT to set any new years resolutions?  Why?  Good question – laziness maybe?  Perhaps the ‘if I don’t plan, I can’t plan to fail?’

I’ve realized since my life change in November (leaving a company I had been at for 7 years) that my life was stressful.  Partly because I made it that way, but partly because I enabled others to think it was okay to push me so hard that my breaking point was almost inevitable.  Surprised by words when I left ‘If you can’t deal with this stress, how can anyone else?’, I realized that I had taken on entirely too much.

Fast forward a month~ish and I’m more relaxed.  My kids are happier.  My husband is slowly getting there (grown men take longer to appease than children, I’ve learned).

Silas is really growing up.  My 5 year old boy will turn into a 15 year old boy and then a 25 year old boy overnight.  I try desperately to cherish each year and moment.


Elysha – well, she’s managed to grow up from this little girl who sat in her brothers lap…


…to this  little girl who is turning into all smiles and a regular little country bumpkin.


But, my entire family – my husband and the two amazing kids I God gave me are a real testament to something I’ve done right at least once…



Proverbs 21:5 says, ‘The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.’

If I’ve not planned anything well, my marriage and my kids, we did right.  Being patient, waiting for it to happen and then planning have only been the 3 best planning sessions I’ve ever had.  And those weren’t New Years Resolutions.  They were simply a result of letting God lead me down HIS plan for my life.