The World is Made of Pizza.

This weekend, I had a pretty good reboot to get back on track hard and stick to only those foods and not cheat, which helped a lot.  Bar weekend, baby!  Thankfully, I’ve…

Weight and Picture Updates!

Dieting isn’t easy.  Making a lifestyle change is even harder.  But, it’s completely doable if you’re willing to do it and move through the process. I mean, look at this pic!  If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!  If you’re ready to save some money on it, too, I can give you a code that will get you

The Scary World of Tech…

There are malicious people out there.  There are people who are going to do more than collect what browser you’re using, what operating system you’re on, or what type of device you’re using.  They are going to collect your name, your date of birth, and your IP.  And in most cases, that’s all they need to learn everything about…

I survived Thanksgiving!

I also went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving where I had a small bite of turkey and dressing, but chose fish, Brussels sprouts and steamed spinach for my meal.  I did however, eat a whole freakin’ piece of pumpkin pie…and it was heaven.

Week 3 Complete!

Last week, I weighed myself every single day.  It annoyed me to no-end.  I had days last week where I couldn’t stick with the plan and missed meals or drank 32 ounces of water all at once to meet a water goal and my body retained every

Day 2 Review

I gotta tell you, this was my favorite meal so far!  Despite the small portion (read:  probably a normal portion for most humans), I was satisfied. Now, I chose that word because I wasn’t stuffed. . I felt good and I liked the food.  I felt comfortable with what I had eaten.  I didn’t have hunger pangs. 

My mom put me on Nutrisystem…(aka: The Beginning)

Sunday, I got up, ate as much bad food as I could because…what’s one more day?  (Don’t look at me like that, you do it too.) . I unpacked my box and my heart stopped.  Nutrisystem can’t pack.  I knew it.  This food was gonna be horrid.  Y’all, they put FROZEN stuff in the cardboard box.  I looked all over the box and could not find a ‘From Frozen’ direction or ‘Keep Refrigerated.’  Which concerned me.

Treading Water

You ever had those moments where you look at your schedule and wonder how in the world you’re making it all fit?  Yeah, me too. I recently read a book (well, morel like listened to an audio book, because I don’t have time to just ‘sit and read’) that talked about how we’ll never have […]

Graduation, Rainbows, and Pool Time!

Well, the last few weeks have been a catch up game!  A couple of weeks ago, we decided to start working on the pool.  We haven’t done much with it in the last couple of years since Elysha broke her leg and then we tried to get it done one year and got a massive […]