The World is Made of Pizza.

Y’all, I’ve decided.  Pizza is my nemesis.

You know that question everyone always asks you, “What food would you eat forever if you had to pick one?”  The answer is pizza.  Undoubtedly, pizza.  The word pizza was first documented around A.D. 997.  Of course, in Italy.  It’s taken on many shapes and variations since the traditional where a traditional bread that was flattened had several things on top of it.  Persian soldiers were known to put cheese and dates on it, the people of Greece stuck to cheese, onions, garlic, and other herbs, and still others loaded vegetables on top of flattened breads.

Now, we do taco salad pizzas, desert pizzas, breakfast pizzas…you name it.  Pizza is a versatile dish.  We make it from breads and now we even get creative and make it from cauliflower.  I’ve passed my love of pizza to my son.  He loves everything pizza.  Breakfast pizzas, too.  I should tell him now that this will lead to a life of carb hating.  Bread and cheese, what could possibly go wrong this combination?  Fat and carbs. Fat and carbs is what could go wrong.

Anyway, I’m pretty thankful that Nutrisystem has pizza options – and lots of them.  However small these little pizzas may be, they are still, pizza.  One day, I’ll graduate to making real pizza instead of these little baby pizzas, but for now, convenience is key for my success.

I’ve also come to love the Chili for dinner and the Ham and Beans soup for lunch.  I throw a little chili powder and cayenne in there and voila!  Instant chili~ish food.  Super yum for these cold days, lately.

I’ve not stuck to the diet 100% lately.  However, I’m still losing.  I’m in the 180’s now, you guys!  Seriously, when is the last time I could say that?!  This weekend, I had a pretty good reboot to get back on track hard and stick to only those foods and not cheat, which helped a lot.  Bar weekend, baby!  Thankfully, I’ve ordered some bars, so I had plenty to choose from.

I’m also in love with the omelette because I load it up with salsa and a yogurt on the side for a decent breakfast!  I heart salsa as much as I heart pizza.  Well, good salsa anyway.

The last few weeks have felt like a whirlwind trying to get things done at work and managing the load on things right now.  I think I’m starting to see daylight though.

I’ll be adding some exercise to the plan this week!  (UGH!) Y’all, it’s time.  Seriously.  The diet has gone well, but now it’s time to start toning all this mess.  I can’t wait to see what that does!  More pics once a few more pounds are gone.

I’m a little nervous, if I’m honest.  I’m so motivated by the scale.  Let’s hope when it goes up (if it goes up) due to exercise, that I don’t lose my head!

In the meantime, chat more soon!


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