Thanksgiving: Fear of Food!

If you’re someone who doesn’t like bread that tastes like you’re pretty much eating something straight out of the field, you won’t like this bread.  But, if you love that wheaty earthy (find other words that end in ‘y’), then you will love…

Day 4 – I make it hard on myself…

I had not had any vegetables by this point and quite frankly, everytime I got hungry, I thought about how much I should eat veggies and then just decided I’d rather starve.  I think I saw some show about a girl once who only ate french cries and literally cried when she ate other food.  I remember thinking “This girl is ridiculous.  Just eat a salad or a burger.” (Said the red head who is having a gag reflex for eating veggies.)

Day 2 Review

I gotta tell you, this was my favorite meal so far!  Despite the small portion (read:  probably a normal portion for most humans), I was satisfied. Now, I chose that word because I wasn’t stuffed. . I felt good and I liked the food.  I felt comfortable with what I had eaten.  I didn’t have hunger pangs. 

My mom put me on Nutrisystem…(aka: The Beginning)

Sunday, I got up, ate as much bad food as I could because…what’s one more day?  (Don’t look at me like that, you do it too.) . I unpacked my box and my heart stopped.  Nutrisystem can’t pack.  I knew it.  This food was gonna be horrid.  Y’all, they put FROZEN stuff in the cardboard box.  I looked all over the box and could not find a ‘From Frozen’ direction or ‘Keep Refrigerated.’  Which concerned me.