Thanksgiving: Fear of Food!

Y’all, I had my first dream about food.  It was hilarious!  I mean, not a funny dream, but funny that I was dreaming about food!

One of the things I’ve made sure to do is if I’m craving something, I will have a single bite.  Thankfully, I find that this often cures my craving and it keeps me in line with my plan on Nutrisystem and doesn’t completely destroy my progress.

Yesterday, while we stopped at Buc-ees, I had not yet had dinner (and it was 7:30 PM – and hour later than when I should eat dinner).  Yesterday was the first day I actually googled how many calories that sandwich was and justified splitting it in half to stay in my range.  But, I was proud of myself and didn’t.  Instead of buying food, I bought myself a nice pair of silver hammered Texas earrings!  I mean, you can’t eat them, but hey, I love Texas stuff.  Cause #cowgirl. 

Thanksgiving Fears:

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 11.31.02 AM.png

Okay, let’s get real for a moment.

Thanksgiving is coming up – and I’m terrified of it!  Not because I wouldn’t know what to eat, but because when we travel, we never eat good.  Now, I’ve planned ahead and gotten plenty of dry shelf-stable snacks and bars so that will cover travel in the car and in the event we’re out, but it won’t cover dinners.  So, I’ve bought some Atkins bars that compare to the dinners on Nutrisystem.  But, I would like to avoid eating bars the whole time, so I’m slowly, so slowly starting to Flex.

I started with Flex breakfasts.  This morning, I had 2 eggs, a cup of coffee (I love Bulletproof coffee because it isn’t bitter!), and a slice of Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain bread.

FFL_ezekiel49.pngThere is a really good review for this bread located on the EatThis website.  I’ve had some friends who said this bread is terrible, but I personally love it.  I store it in the freezer and when I want a slice, I get it out and then toast it or thaw it.  I love toasting it and for now, I’m using butter spray, but when I get up the courage, I’ll go back my Kerrygold Irish butter (un-salted).  Butter spray is on the approved foods list and so is butter in general, but I’m staying away from the extra calories for now.

Anyway, this bread, to me, is amazing.  I love earthy grain tastes and this is very strong in earthy grain tasting bread.  I can definitely taste the barley and the wheat.  If you’re someone who doesn’t like bread that tastes like you’re pretty much eating something straight out of the field, you won’t like this bread.  But, if you love that wheaty earthy (find other words that end in ‘y’), then you will love this.  By the way, it keeps in the freezer for a year.   If you keep it in the fridge, it’s about 2 weeks, but at room temp, it’s like 5 days.

Thanksgiving has been a little different for us since my grandmother passed.  She passed right near Thanksgiving and when we made the trip to attend her funeral, it was during Thanksgiving week.  That year, we decided to come back home and just go to the coast and take a vacation.  So, we try to enjoy Thanksgiving as a low-key holiday every year and not do anything big.  No big family events.  Just us and the kids and maybe one or two family members.  Maybe I’m wrong for doing this to our kids.  I don’t know the impacts of that later, but we’ve had enough family drama in the last few years (doesn’t everyone) to qualify that holidays can be just us and be happy.   Besides, it’s so much easier when we can just cook small meals and not have to worry about a ton of leftovers. Cause lets be honest, I hate eating the same casserole for a week.

Kid Update:

Yesterday, I curled little bit’s hair and man, did it shrink up!  Her hair is normally past her waist.  I’ve been trying to figure out this Tyme curling iron, but I’m about irritated with it.  I did this with a normal barrel iron.  I mean, doesn’t she look presh?

Then, this morning was more cuddle time with my favorite boy in the world.  He loves to sit next to me on the couch so this morning, we finished watching The Dark Knight Rises.

My husband and I love the Christian Bale movie series.  I wonder if they continued it with Robin?  Also, the new season of Jack Ryan comes out on Prime, which was an amazing first season.  So the hubs and I are going to check that one out today, too.  Cause #BingeTVSunday.

Nutrisystem Awards!

So, when you lose a certain number of pounds (I think it’s every 10), you get the choice of a band + water bottle or a bear!

I chose the bear because I’ve got kids…and stuffed animals are a HUGE hit with them!


This thing is so cute!  I think each one is a different color, but we’ll see.  Tomorrow is weigh in, so we’ll see how close I am to that next mark. I’ll have to do a little more research on the awards system.  I haven’t weighed in at all this week, which I’m not sure if that has helped me or hurt me.  I guess we’ll see tomorrow!

Next week, I’ll take measurements too, but I can already tell my pants are a little looser and I’ve had to tighten my bra one more latch.  Progress!

My husband and the kids had Chinese food yesterday (we always get a snack at the Chinese shop next door to their music studio).  Their normal egg roll and some dumplings.  And my husband bought a Coke.  Normally, this would have turned into Mama’s, but I was so proud of not even craving it!

Y’all these are big changes for me – and this time, they are achievable.  I’m not sure why it’s working better than other diets.  Perhaps it’s the convenience of the food.  Perhaps it’s knowing what to eat and what not to eat.  I have no idea.  But, it’s working.  And I’m not eating all lettuce and other things I would not normally eat.  The real trick will be eating out at restaurants.  We’ll see how I do during Thanksgiving week when we’re out more.

For now, we’ll see what happens tomorrow with my weight – and then one more week until I reveal how many total inches I’ve lost, too!

Until then…



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