Day 2 Review

Day 2 is in the books!  So, how did I do?

Not great, but I lost a pound and some change.  I dropped to 223, which I know is all that sadness in my body from no Dr. Pepper, no Chick-fil-a, and frankly, forgetting to eat a meal and some veggies.

I work from home occasionally and yesterday was that day.  So because I know I didn’t get steps in, I made an effort to walk 20 minutes on the treadmill to try and get some steps in.  Didn’t seem to help – I only ended with ~4k.

But, let’s talk food!

s-l640Breakfast was the granola cereal.  I mixed it with ~1/2 cup of silk vanilla milk (it was all I had).  I need to get better at measuring stuff out, but I think this was pretty close to a 1/2 cup.  I didn’t log the milk on the numi app because numi kept giving me unsweetened milk options and I’m pretty sure mine was sweetened.  I need to go back and do that, but haven’t done it yet. The cereal was actually pretty good. I liked it quite a bit.  But, it does in fact scare me that the amount is something I would feed the birds with outside.  I’m not sure HOW I’m not hungry because to be honest, I eat like a horse normally.  But, I’m not hungry, so I count it as a win!  I don’t know how many calories I consumed on a normal basis, but I can guarantee you at the old adage of “it takes 3500 calories to make one pound” and I’ve been this weight for a while, I can assure you I’m under that somewhere.  (Shameful!)

I was on meetings most of the morning, so I didn’t have time to grab a shake until around noon.  I got a shake around noon and went to blend it too.  8 oz. of water and 4 oz. of ice makes a pretty good blended shake!  I actually do like these chocolate shakes. I hope I like the vanilla ones as much.  Normally, I’m a vanilla shake girl because I find that chocolate shakes are often nasty, but this isn’t an overpowering chocolate.  It’s really good.  If you aren’t a shake person, I’d encourage you to try it.  I do feel like I’ve got some calories in me after it and I look forward to it.  I ate a cup of veggies with it.  This time, I did cucumber, tomatoes (cherry), and carrots and then I added in some peppercini juice and 3 peppercinis.  I gotta say, this helped a LOT.  I just hate veggies y’all. I mean, I like those 3 veggies in small amounts, but a whole cup.  GAG.  But, the peppercinis made a difference and I liked the flavor it gave them.  Does anyone know if you can eat soy sauce on Nutrisystem?  I know cucumbers are great with that.

I saved my shake until after those veggies which was a nice little reward for getting through the veggies!  Yay for rewards!

I continued to drink water just fine and find with allergies hitting, it’s even easier to get it down because that always helps make your allergies easier.  No coffee on day 2, though!


I had to leave to get my kiddos so I thought, “Easy enough… I’ll just grab food and eat on the go!”  I grabbed these pretzels and 10 minutes down the road, realized I had grabbed a snack, and not my lunch…which I needed to eat still.  I panicked a little bit because I knew with my timing this would mean I would not get dinner down.  But, I was going to try to eat lunch when I got home and dinner later.

The pretzels are pretty good. I don’t typically like pretzels, but I do like the little nuggets.  I think they overall have less salt, so maybe that’s it?  But, I like pretzel nuggets in general and find they are pretty good.  These were a little dry, but most pretzels are anyway.  And there was a fair amount in there that kept me munching for a while.  A win for me.  I like this snack, so I’ll make sure to remember that for my next order.


I got home, cooked the kids dinner (they had roasted potatoes, sirloin, and mixed rice).  I grabbed my NS lunch and this time chose the Beef Alfredo.  This teeny tiny little bowl concerned me, but as I’ve learned so far, I just said ‘I’ll try it and if I’m hungry, I’ve still got dinner calories I haven’t eaten.”

Well, I left that poor thing in the microwave after it cooked for like an hour as I got the kids all ready for school the next day.  But, I gotta tell you, this was my favorite meal so far!  Despite the small portion (read:  probably a normal portion for most humans), I was satisfied. Now, I chose that word because I wasn’t stuffed. . I felt good and I liked the food.  I felt comfortable with what I had eaten.  I didn’t have hunger pangs.  As I was eating, I was helping kids with stuff, too, so I wasn’t entirely focused on the food.  I think this probably serves as an advantage for me because if I had to concentrate on this small amount of food, I’m not sure I’d make it without thinking I was starving.

I forgot dinner veggies, so I missed a whole 3 cups of veggies yesterday.  I did manage to get all my water in though.

I can tell you, the first day, my stomach was all rumbly and not happy.  I think this is probably normal as part of the probiotic shake gets your stomach on the right path.  But, I can tell you, yesterday was easier and today (day 3) is even easier.  Baby steps y’all!

I can’t wait to tell you how Day 3 (today) went tomorrow.  I will tell you I lost more weight last night, but I’ll share that on tomorrow’s post.  Again, I’m not sure how much is normal with nutrisystem, but I can assure you, I’m not eating all the calories they are providing, which I know has an impact.

From doing weight loss in the past, anything for me under 800 calories causes my hair to fall out, so I know to stay above that.  But, yesterday, I only got in 590 calories.  Yuck!  Part of that was just my bad time management with meal timings and meetings.

If I’m honest, I’m FAR more worried about weekends.  Week days seem to be easier because I’m working and I can just focus on work or other things.  Weekends, we eat out a lot and we love this little Mexican restaurant in town called Tejas and they made the BEST food.  We’ll see how this weekend goes though!  I’m prepared to take bars this weekend and making sure I don’t need anything that requires water (other than shakes) or heat.  Hopefully planning helps!

I keep setting a small goal – wait 7 days.  I just want to see what happens in 7 days.  We can talk about a month or two later.  But, 7 days is my goal for now because that feels achievable.  Hell, to be honest, I’m just trying to get past the weekend and not flounder. 🙂

So, tune in tomorrow.  I’ll update my weight information and tell you how today’s meals were!


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