Hitting a milestone!

I was so nervous if you’ll recall from my first post.  Eating prepared meals that can outlive the apocalypse was a bit scary.  I mean, I’ve even questioned if God Himself can destroy the meals when the…

First day of school!

Silas and Elysha were especially excited that they got to meet ‘The Jenga Player’ on deck today.   Our sweet friend Laurie has an amazing son who has really made a difference in Silas’ life.  

School’s Almost Here!

School shopping is pretty much done, too.  I’ve got to return a few things tomorrow and get hair cut, but otherwise, we’re good to go!  This weekend, we will spend getting ready for school and getting things organized. 

Why I chose the iPhone X

I really can’t get past the simplicity of this camera and this new mode.  The lighting adjustments, the depth of field, it’s all a beautiful thing – and it’s. on. a. phone.

Thirty-One Bags

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while and talk about some bags I ordered from Julie Savage who is a Thirty-One bags consultant.  Her website is fun and colorful and I kind of dream about this state of organization that these bags would allow me to have – if I could only order one of every.  single.  style.