Thirty-One Bags

I know, I know.  I fell off the Earth.  It’s true.  Life got in the way of trying to manage this blog and be like – a mom and stuff.

We made the agonizing decision to pull Elysha out of daycare in order to pay for private school tuition (because, y’all, who has time to pay for 3 tuitions!).  We put my daughter at home with my mom (that didn’t last, either) and now we are just – well, drowning.  Let’s be honest.  Any of you got time to watch a 4 and 6 year old occasionally?  For free?  I’ll clean your house on the weekend – or even mow your pastures.  (Kind of not kidding!)

Anyway, back to reality.  I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while and talk about some bags I ordered from Julie Savage who is a Thirty-One bags consultant.  Her website is fun and colorful and I kind of dream about this state of organization that these bags would allow me to have – if I could only order one of every.  single.  style.  But, remember what I said ^^^ up there?


Y’all, I totes broke the piggy bank trying to pay for my own student loans and private school for the kids.  Buuuuut, a while back (when I had a lapse in judgment about what was really important), I bought a couple of the bags from Julie and I L-O-V-E them.

I had mylarge utility tote (the rainbow one above) done in a charcoal gray and customized with ‘Urban Family’ on it.  We use it for everything.  We used it for football games, groceries, weekends where we need extra space, electronics, make-up and a change of clothes when I had a dinner event and more.  It’s by far my most versatile bag – and y’all, I LOVE monogrammed stuff.

Thecrosshatch bag I have used for so much, too.  I’ve used it for lunch, grabbing stuff to carry to the car, hair stuff for Elysha, quick snacks for the kids, and even a trash bag for the car when I ran out of other more practical bags.  What I love even more about this is that I can wash it!  I’ve tossed it in the washing machine a few times and it holds up nicely.  I just lay it out to dry and it’s good as new.

I have been meaning to share this mostly because I like sharing things that make my life easier.  I’m all about easy – and I love this company.  I don’t personally sell them and I’m not holding a party on them (well, today anyway).  I just wanted to take a moment to provide a review of something I loved and as a mom, is pretty practical for me and my family in all of our go-go-go-ness!

I do love that this company really supports women in the workplace, too.  There’s so much for us to do and be mom’s.  And this company gets it.  It’s been their major focus – and it remains their focus!  So, if you’re looking for a company to go do some direct sales with, or if you’re interested in buying some bags, look up my friend Julie Savage(or Savage 5 on Facebook).  I know she would be happy to help you out!

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