First day of school!

It’s never been a more joyous – and bittersweet – day in our house!  Elysha started pre-k this year and Silas is a 2nd grader!  It is wonderful to have them at the same school.  The kids were so excited to see old friends (and make new ones!) this year.  I always forget what the first day of school like, especially on the Lower School deck.  MCA parents are always super close and it’s great to meet up with other like-minded parents and genuinely catch up with others.

Elysha got to meet her teacher this year.  It was so fun for us because it was in our old pre-k class for Silas, Mrs. Squiric.  Lots of great memories there!  Ely is little miss sass as always.  By the end of the day (at 11:30), it was like dragging her off deck in tears.  She was absolutely exhausted!

Can’t wait to see what happens when she has to do a full day. Maybe nap time will help! (If not, I guess I pay good money to that sweet teacher for a reason! *wink*)

Silas started 2nd grade this year.  This year, we’re starting him off without medication to see how he can cope.  I’m so torn this year since I’ve heard a lot of what he is experiencing is just ‘energetic boy’ and yet, we have a clean diagnosis of ADHD.  But, if you look at that smile, that’s his ‘off medication’ smile and it’s his real bubbly personality.  It’s who Silas really is.  The problem with ADHD at this age is that they don’t have boundaries and telling them something is like saying the same thing 10 times to a brick wall.

If you’re part of a public school system – or even some private schools – you’re likely familiar with what an IEP or 504 can do.  Unfortunately, those aren’t required for private school and our school does not have them.  However, we have a great staff of teachers who really are dedicated to working with Silas and I absolutely LOVE that about MCA.

I think what I love more is that I learn so much more from them than Silas does!  Each teacher teaches me a little more about Silas and how he learns and their dedication to our children is far beyond what I have seen others deal with while having children with ADHD in the public sector.  Not to say that there aren’t great teachers out there in public, but to us, private is much smaller, better funded, and the resources we have at our disposable set Silas up to succeed more.

Silas and Elysha were especially excited that they got to meet ‘The Jenga Player’ on deck today.   Our sweet friend Laurie has an amazing son who has really made a difference in Silas’ life.  Her son had this stellar video of him playing Jenga (link opens in Amazon and I may get a small commission if you click – at no cost to you!) and you would have thought Elysha met a celebrity when she saw him!  He came along at the perfect time last year and really changed the end of the year for Silas.  He was like a little guardian angel for Silas.  Laurie has a pretty sweet little gig with photography.  She runs her own studio called Unspoken Photo.  If you have a senior that is needing pics, I would really encourage you to check out her work.  She’s got some absolutely exceptional photos.


All in all it was a pretty darn good day for them (aside from bumps in the road for Silas).  Homecoming (Oh, you DO NOT want to miss that post!) is coming up soon for us, too.  And I just go CRAZY with excitement building stuff for the little guys!

So, tell me…how was your first day at school?


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