Hitting a milestone!

It’s been 2 months.  2 months since I started this journey and I can say that this one has fit me.  I was so nervous if you’ll recall from my first post.  Eating prepared meals that can outlive the apocalypse was a bit scary.  I mean, I’ve even questioned if God Himself can destroy the meals when the Rapture happens.  (Kidding, I know He can, but some of them really are that bad.)

I’ll upload my most recent pics in a post this week and update total inches, but my weight total is officially under 200 pounds.  I have lost a total of 25.2 pounds y’all.  For the Nutrisystem folks out there, it’s what they affectionally call Onederland.  And my friends, it is…


I’ve had a few new meals.


I had one meal that was a shelf stable meal – the bean bolognese. I really liked this one.  It wasn’t tangy or sour like some of the other shelf stables and the noodles weren’t swimming in sauce.

Most of the shelf stables I’m just not a fan of.  In fact, the most recent one was literally almost a replica of wet dog food.  I mean, sorry Nutrisystem chefs.  I promised to be honest about the reviews and this one I couldn’t stomach.

I notice that Nutrisystem seems to add new menu items about once a month.  What I haven’t figured out is why they do that.  Do they get rid of things that aren’t selling or what?  I’m sure the inventory has to be sold first.

Telescopes and Space

My kids (actually, my son) and I love spending time outside looking at the stars and the moon.  Over Thanksgiving, we took him to NASA where he met Clayton C. Anderson and that really sparked a fire in him.  Mr. Anderson was really amazing.  He too the time to respond to Silas and even responded to a photo on Facebook.  I need to reach out to him again and see if we can send fan mail to him.  I know Silas would love to write him.


One of the things I have struggled with is photography of the sky.  I bought a SVBONY SV105 camera to use on our scope (just a small Zhumell 114 telescope) and I was really unhappy with the results.  This camera zooms in so much and the software recommended is so non-user friendly that it makes it impossible to capture anything except pink.  I need to send the lens to my father in law so he can tinker with it and see if he can make it work. But, I got the above picture by carefully trying to balance the phone against the lens and take a photo.  So there’s some general blurriness, but overall, not a horribly bad photo!

Home Projects:

If you recall, we are redoing some projects around the home –  one of them making our own shutters.  I have a whole different post to create for this, but when we went, the kids got hats with lights on them and I snapped this pic of the kids riding the lumber cart and then Ely with her hat.  I mean, adorable, right?

I’ve got a LOT more weight to lose, but you guys, I am SO happy with the success so far.  Now, the real challenge is to get the exercise on game too.  For my friends following that are losing weight – what do you recommend for someone who would just rather sleep all day?

Chat more later!  Until then…


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