Weight and Picture Updates!

Dieting isn’t easy.  Making a lifestyle change is even harder.  But, it’s completely doable if you’re willing to do it and move through the process. I mean, look at this pic!  If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!  If you’re ready to save some money on it, too, I can give you a code that will get you

Hitting a milestone!

I was so nervous if you’ll recall from my first post.  Eating prepared meals that can outlive the apocalypse was a bit scary.  I mean, I’ve even questioned if God Himself can destroy the meals when the…

Moody Gardens, Iceland & Fishing

Fishing was fun this year for the guys.  It was so windy!  I bought a charter boat ride for the guys via Galveston Fishing Charter Co.

Captain Saul was amazing and Silas…

When you finally realize it works…

As a person who is now getting the point of burying my grandparents and other relatives I see starting to get older, I’m realizing how important these memories are.  Pictures can’t be replaced.  They tell a story.  Bad or good, they show us for what we were at a certain point in time and they are to serve as a marker…a kind of…

Week 4 Complete!

Nutrisystem gives us challenges each week.  This week (well, actually next 10 days) is to log an activity for 10 days straight.  Oy.  Y’all, that means I gotta get up and do something for 10 days.  Well, nothing like the present to get out and be purposeful

Thanksgiving: Fear of Food!

If you’re someone who doesn’t like bread that tastes like you’re pretty much eating something straight out of the field, you won’t like this bread.  But, if you love that wheaty earthy (find other words that end in ‘y’), then you will love…

Day 3 – otherwise known as veggies are hell day…

So, here’s me being all accountable.  What a pretty plate!  I mean, colorful, veggies.  A nice shake.  It was good.  Not.  Today was the ‘If I hate to eat another damn vegetable, I’m going to throw up’ day and that was day 2 of veggies.  I’m so screwed.

Treading Water

You ever had those moments where you look at your schedule and wonder how in the world you’re making it all fit?  Yeah, me too. I recently read a book (well, morel like listened to an audio book, because I don’t have time to just ‘sit and read’) that talked about how we’ll never have […]

Graduation, Rainbows, and Pool Time!

Well, the last few weeks have been a catch up game!  A couple of weeks ago, we decided to start working on the pool.  We haven’t done much with it in the last couple of years since Elysha broke her leg and then we tried to get it done one year and got a massive […]

Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day, 2019! One of the things we’ve started doing less of around Memorial Day is attending the typical BBQ festivities and using this holiday as an extra sleep in day.  We’ve been working pretty diligently to instill a sense of gratitude for what Armed Forces have done for us and this is another holiday […]