Moody Gardens, Iceland & Fishing

Over Thanksgiving, we took the kids to Moody Gardens & Iceland.  Gaylord here in Grapevine has a similar ice experience, but we’ve always done the one at the coast and enjoy it.

Moody Gardens is amazing.  They have a wonderful light show every Thanksgiving/Christmas called Festival of Lights.  There are often small subtle changes, but for the most part, we know the layout and what to expect and when.  They had some amazing changes this year that I loved including the stuff on top of one of their pyramids.

The kids did the rope course this year, which really impressed me.  Silas is starting to venture out some and get more courageous with things that used to scare him.


And of course, little Elysha has no fear in her bones at all.


Train rides with grandpa this year and of course the cage near the aquarium are always a hit, too!  We loved that grandpa got to go with us this year.  The kids sure enjoyed being with him!


I always love getting pictures of the kids while we’re out.  This is usually the one time they can wear their scarf and gloves and not be sweating underneath all those clothes!


Iceland is kept at 9 degrees!  It’s chilly!  I never understand how those thin little parkas can actually keep you warm.  They provide them as you walk in (pretty much require them).  But we always have a jacket underneath!


Pictures with Daddy are so rare!  But, we got some with ‘Santa’ this year.  I love how bundled up he was and I was so dang hot for some reason this year that I couldn’t stomach putting on a hat or gloves!


No trip is ever complete without a pose in front of a Christmas tree.  Ice, guys.  They carved that out of ice!  (Not the lights, of course.)

Just amazing work.  All of these ice blocks are colored with milk and a powder substance that gives them the colors they want.


Probably my favorite part this year.  The China/Japan side.  The colors in this pink were just stunning against the blue mountain here.


And seriously, who doesn’t just love a panda…and a baby panda!


Another one of my favorites.  The wall with all the detail.  Loved the coloring.  The coral was my favorite!  It’s pretty amazing to think of this as one big block of ice that came to life!


Sphinx!  The pyramids and how clear they are is pretty!  Silas told me this was a sphinx, too!  I was pretty impressed he knew that.  Some days, I realized that education he gets is good!


Camels!  I’m not sure what’s going on with that stumpy one in front.  The back one had far more detail.


Mary on a donkey.  The highlights in her cover were not caused by light.  That was different shades of ice.  It’s super cool to see how they do all this shading!


The windblades for this Dutch windmill were not made of ice, but plexiglass.  They said they had an accident in the first few days of opening, so I’m wondering if this was it?  Usually everything is made of ice.  And then, there’s the tulips!


Status from Mexico I think?  LOVE!


Little totem dudes that I can’t remember where in the world these are.  Perhaps near the Mayan temples?  Is this Aztec?


This piece I need to visit in real life one day.  I think I recall seeing this on Indiana Jones!


Grandpa, Silas, and Elysha in a real-life Igloo on an ice chair!  Super cool!  (No pun intended!)


Mt. Rushmore – Silas decided to tell me who this was, too.  History classes are paying off!


And of course, nothing is complete without an astronaut and a shuttle since we’re close to Houston!  Another space event for Silas!


The Alamo!  I’ll never look at the Alamo the same knowing the top wasn’t part of it.  That part was built when the church was built.



Fishing was fun this year for the guys.  It was so windy!  I bought a charter boat ride for the guys via Galveston Fishing Charter Co.

Captain Saul was amazing and Silas had a blast!

I mean, look at this little man!


I was so worried about the waves knocking my boy out of the boat, but Captain Saul literally calmed me.  He was skilled and so kind to Silas!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Really can’t say enough about Captain Saul.  And loved that Dad, Richard, and Silas caught us dinner to cook that evening!  3 flounder was MORE than enough for our family!

Overall, great times.  Definitely have to do it again next year, but on a less windy day!



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