The Scary World of Tech…

There are malicious people out there.  There are people who are going to do more than collect what browser you’re using, what operating system you’re on, or what type of device you’re using.  They are going to collect your name, your date of birth, and your IP.  And in most cases, that’s all they need to learn everything about…

Clayton C. Anderson and NASA

To Clayton:  Thank you.  You’ll never understand the passion you put behind our son.  He’s a little guy who strives for attention and sometimes, self-worth.  He wants so much to find his place in this world and I’ve always been convinced God has a special task for him.  I pray the fire you lit in him stays for the…

All things April!

April has been an amazing month, so far!  Silas is branching out a little more every day and every day, we learn something new about his ADHD.  We’re working to figure out how he handles things day to day and learning how to adapt when things fail for him. ADHD is a hard battle if […]

Welcome 2019!

I’m the world’s worst food planner.  I really want to get better at this, but I’m just not great at it.  I envy the family that can meal plan/prep and stay on budget.  This isn’t my strong suit.  However, I’m getting better!

The world from above

I know. Flight is the safest way to travel. Do you know how many people have told me that? Doesn’t change it. Or help it.  I even look at books, videos and such to try and help me overcome it.

Why I chose the iPhone X

I really can’t get past the simplicity of this camera and this new mode.  The lighting adjustments, the depth of field, it’s all a beautiful thing – and it’s. on. a. phone.

ADHD – 6 steps to working with it

I still think ADHD is often misdiagnosed in most cases. I think there are a lot of pediatricians out there that cater to moms and dads who want to medicate their child because they fail at disciplining their child. I also think there are families like ours where medication is such a turn-off but in so many cases…necessary, too.

Why I love User Experience

So, let me tell you about an experience I love.  I love technology.  I love software.  I love computers.  I love gadgets. I love apps.  I have several hundred apps that I’ve downloaded over the years and still have a handful that I truly love and use every day.  As for my computer, I’ve moved off a PC onto a MAC.  Now, all you PC users, stop for just a second before you light me up.  It’s an experience thing.