The world from above

So, little known fact about me.

I despise aircrafts. I despite boats. I despise trains. But I really despise aircrafts. I think my biggest issue is really control. I’m not driving and I can’t communicate with the person who is driving so I naturally become worries about what I should and should not worry about.

I know. Flight is the safest way to travel. Do you know how many people have told me that? Doesn’t change it. Or help it.  I even look at books, videos and such to try and help me overcome it.  I’ve been trying to determine if I should get this book, too:  Scared Flightless

But, I looked out today and thought, “how can anyone fly and not appreciate the world that God created?” I mean, I get the people that believe in Big Bang or evolution. I guess to some extent, it makes sense.

What I can’t figure out though is how you can look at a sky and see a horizon and wonder what molecules blended together to define…well…this.


Clouds. Cities. Full of people. Full of creation. X chromosomes and Y chromosomes. People who have been gifted by the Lord with various talents to build, sculpt, teach, lead, serve, and so much more.


P.S.  I’m pretty curious what those patterns etched in the mountains are.  Anyone?  Comment below!

All of us have talents. All of us are given a gift. Sometimes, I’m not sure what my gift is. But I can’t help but wonder what each of us are given. What are we out here to do?

You know, flying is a funny thing. I can distinctly hear the Lord telling me to be calm. To trust. It’s like telling a hungry baby not to cry. But, I can also feel a sense of peace. A sense of knowing I will be fine. That it’s not my time. That I will get to my destination without issue. That I will get home without issue. That I have a life to live and I haven’t fulfilled my purpose. Some of us strive to find that purpose. I’m not really striving to figure it out. I’m just striving to survive day to day. To raise the children the Lord has given me. To be a better wife. To become a better steward of the Lords resources. To be more faithful. To read more my Bible more. To be an example of what what makes people ask “what’s different about her?”

I used to get that question a lot more. And I used to be able to answer it more easily. Now, I struggle with offending people. I struggle with taking a stance because I don’t want to be non-politically correct. But, does it matter?

Does it really matter if we are politically correct? Or should we be so honest that when someone asks us our position on something, we can refer back to scripture? Man, I’ve got some growing to do.

I listen to our pastors on Facebook. On apps. I love to tune in and hear their interpretation of scripture. I love to see the “wow, how did I miss that” part of my day? It seems every time someone brings something up in scripture I look at it a different way. A new way to learn. A new lesson. I love that about the Lord. It’s like showing us what we need at that time. For that moment.

I watched a video of pastor Jason eating grasshoppers and cicadas  with honey in regards to a scripture about John the Baptist. It’s funny because well, who doesn’t want to watch someone else tormented by eating bugs. But more than that, I’ve been struggling with my weight and it’s a relief to hear that God provides what we need to eat. Not what we want. I’m a biscuits and gravy type gal. Lots of breads. Lots of pastas. But lately, they’ve been making me sick. And I feel the Lord challenging me to eat “for Him” and not for the “lust” of food. What did Christ eat when He was here. He certainly didn’t have donuts for breakfast. Pancakes for dinner. Chocolate cake for a snack. He broke bread with his disciples and fed the hungry what they needed. What their bodies needed to be nourished with.

Anyway, rambling. I know. Passing the time with a flight. But, what are your thoughts?

P.S.  Specials thanks to Southwest Airlines for the flight tonight.  You guys rocked.  I shared my great experience here!

The Fine Print – Really: Some of the links in this blog are from my Amazon Affiliate Account.  You are NEVER required to buy anything there, but if you do, I get a little kickback which helps support my blog and feed my starving children (kidding, sort of)!  Heck, just looking at the photos is fun, too.)

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