Parenting Laziness

By the way, if you haven’t done Scare on the Square with a child with strep throat, I strongly recommend you try it.  (I’m not sure what we were thinking…)

Mississippi Pot Roast

Y’all.  I love food.  Food loves me.  We have a relationship where I have made a secret vow to never ever ever become a vegan because anything green in major quantities might actually kill me.  There.  I said it.  Death to vegetables.  Bring me meat.

Can you hear Me?

But y’all, God is faithful.  He is persistent.  He is good.  And He keeps His promises to pursue me because He loves me.

Jesus loves all the little children…

Yawl. If there was ever a ‘sucking-my-breath-out’ moment, that was it. More so because I know that I can barely even sing these songs without going into some ugly crying. It’s almost embarrassing. I don’t even know what causes me to go into crying fits like that.