When the house goes down…

It’s been a crazy week here at the Urban household.  Elle got taken down with strep last week and the whole house managed to get mama sick, which like…never happens y’all.


Little bit is still down for the count today.  After deciding to shower our clean floors with all her sickness, we decided to keep her home again today.  This morning, we are working on a diet of toast and water.  I even tried some applesauce.  We will see how that goes.

We had a good weekend – just spent it at home.  My husband got to help a friend put new brakes on his car.  We cleaned the house up and something got into my dear sweet husband because he even took apart the sectional and cleaned under/behind it.  After that, I wanted to find a hiding spot – not just from the kids, but from him.  Cause, work?  No thanks.  I’m drained!


This picture is funny – mostly because I don’t drink (I think there’s something wrong with me for this choice) and I don’t read books much.  But, if I could fit into the dryer to hide, I would.  But I’ve adapted some VERY good hiding spots in the house from the kids.  (Oh, don’t give me that look.  You’ve done it, too.  I just admit my own shortcomings.)


I’ve decided I’m going to work even harder on my Poker Face.  My boss always tells me ‘you may think people can’t understand what you’re thinking…but you read like a book.’

I tell people often that RBF (Resting B**** Face) is a real thing.  I mean, the Washington Post is writing about it – so it’s gotta be real, right?  But seriously, I don’t hate everyone. My face just thinks I do.

Speaking of working on things.  Pinterest gets me EVERY weekend.  I love Pinterest. Mostly because I’m not a Pinterest mom and I love the reality check that I’ll never be that good.  But, there are actually some great ideas on Pinterest.  I found this one the other day and thought ‘Hrmph, it’s a shame I threw all these hangers away for chips!’


Click that picture if you want to see more on that. That site has some cool stuff!  What cool hacks are you aware of that you need to share with me?

Comment below!


On a more serious note, my grandmother is getting ready to meet Jesus.  She is an amazing woman and left behind a huge legacy.  Her and my grandfather taught me so much about Christ and raising my children.


I found pictures of her with the kids and this is how I will always remember her.  Death is only temporary on this world.  It’s a pause in the conversation between you and God.  One breath here – and the next, with the Lord.

She’s had some good opportunities to call us and say goodbye.  I am so thankful for FaceTime.  It’s been hard, but it’s made her passing (when it happens), easier.  I am sure we will be taking a trip up there soon.

Life is shorter than we realize.  Even if you live to be 100 years old, you never have enough time to work through everything you want to do.  Every step  you take leaves an imprint on this world.  Whether you use your words to heal or hurt, your actions to help or hinder, you leave a legacy behind.

We should all take the time to understand that we are impacting generations down the road.  Hundreds of thousands of peoples lives are impacted by your personal choice to make a difference or dig your heels in.

What is your legacy going to say about you?


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