Day 10 and 11. I’ve found cake!

I slacked on my post from Day 10 (frankly, I was just tired on Day 10).  Therefore, today is a combination of the last 2 days from a post perspective.  I think Day 11 was almost a wash, too because I was prepared for one thing in the morning.  Then, meetings changed that, messed up my meal times and getting those back on track was a real pain in the tail.

I was a little nervous about Day 10 and Day 11.  I’ve tried in the past to do Whole 30 and the whole calendar of emotions thing is so real.


Thankfully, I’m not doing Whole 30 and trying to eliminate basically every food group on the planet and Nutrisystem really feels like the first thing that is working.  Now, the challenge will be what happens when I get off it?  Can I sustain it?  Will I have learned enough healthy habits to maintain this new weight?

I’ve seen some of the obnoxiously over-organized fridges of those folks on NS and let me just tell you, I don’t have that kind of time to prep my fridge.  I can barely get our kids to stock toilet paper in the bathrooms and put away their clothes.  I’m not trying to overdo it here.  I figure, when I learn how to stop washing the same load of laundry more than once because I’ve forgotten about it or when I can figure out how to not live out of a laundry basket, then…maybe then, I’ll tackle the fridge organization.   For now, nope.

Breakfast on Day 10 was the turkey and sausage omelet.  I love eggs.  I’m not sure why, but I love them.  I’ve learned from a portion perspective, eat off a salad plate.  Dinner plates are for giants and those don’t exist anymore.  Just stop eating off them.

The omelet literally smelled awful.  It stunk and I’m sure my co-workers were annoyed with me.  But, I wasn’t gonna try to scarf this down in 2 seconds in the break-room.  The filling was pretty good though and surprisingly, the omelet didn’t taste as bad it smelled. 

Day 11 breakfast was the Cinnamon Roll.  Picture credit goes to fellow NS blogger:  Who said nothing in life was free?.  I failed to get a pic and noticed they had a good pic of it that wasn’t all marketing pretty and was real.  And that’s really what I’m trying to convey here.  Loved the taste of this cinnamon roll.  Size wise, again, palm of your hand.  But, filling and wasn’t hungry after.  I didn’t die of starvation.

Day 10 lunch was the Spinach Pretzel Melt.  One of my favs.  I like this one because the outside is very earthy/wheaty (I’m just gonna make up words that end in y, alot.  So, let’s just call that a thing and get used to it).  I did notice the ends are quite chewy.  I’ve noticed this about a lot of foods.  I think it has to do with the wattage of your microwave.  Does anyone know how to find the wattage of your microwave?  I know how to adjust the power level, but I’ve never known what my wattage is.

Day 11 lunch was a Trail Mix bar.  I told you I got off track so my snack was an hour late, so instead of making lunch an hour later as well, I made it 30 minutes later and tried to get back on track with time by removing some time between meals before dinner.

The picture above (credit:  Gourmet Sleuth) is actually pretty accurate to even the NS pictures.  Some of the bars I’ve opened and been like ‘nope, it’s not like that.’  But this one was pretty accurate to the NS picture.  AND, this is by far my favorite bar.  It’s crispy, not nutty.  Definitely a re-order on my list.

Snack time on Day 10 was the Lemon Zest cake.

Y’all.  If you’ve got kids and you know you’ve got a birthday party coming up, take this as your birthday cake option for you instead of being tempted.




One thing I liked about it is that it’s a thaw and eat dessert.  No need to warm it up.  It was just yum.

Day 11, I had a lemon cooler cookie. The picture from NS was a little deceiving.  There’s no powdered sugar on it and it’s very bright yellow.  But, it was super good, too.  Just enough to kill the sweet spot.

Dinner for Day 10:  Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Chicken.  Nope.  Not on my list again.  The chicken was pretty darn good, but I’ve got an aversion to red bell peppers and these were in there.  So that pretty much did me in. But, I will definitely be trying the other chickens later.

Dinner for Day 11 was the chicken bacon ranch pizza.  Ah-mazing, you guys.  I’ve got to figure out how to get the crust not like a hockey puck around the edges, but to be honest, I don’t mind it being more crispy.  I just want it less ‘chewy.’  I think next time I’ll try to add a glass of water in the microwave, too.  I didn’t get a pic of this for size comparison, but thing about one of the small individual frozen pizzas from SmartOne or something in the frozen section of your grocery store.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about making it through Days 10 and 11.  No weird ‘I’m gonna quit’ like I did on Whole 30 and I feel pretty good and strong.  I also took a 45 minute walk yesterday (Day 11) and I noticed I felt really good after that.  Happier even.  Walking is good for your brain, I guess.

Anyway, until tomorrow.  Sneak preview:  The oatmeal I had for breakfast was yum, but the portion sizing made me cry!


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