Weight and Picture Updates!

Dieting isn’t easy.  Making a lifestyle change is even harder.  But, it’s completely doable if you’re willing to do it and move through the process. I mean, look at this pic!  If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!  If you’re ready to save some money on it, too, I can give you a code that will get you

Hitting a milestone!

I was so nervous if you’ll recall from my first post.  Eating prepared meals that can outlive the apocalypse was a bit scary.  I mean, I’ve even questioned if God Himself can destroy the meals when the…


I was so tired this morning in general and my eyes were burning.  I was literally just exhausted.  I’m sure a lot of it was food and the other part of it was in general beating myself into the…

Hot Sauce Makes (Almost) Everything Better

I’ve become so bored with microwaved pizzas from Nutrisystem so I’ve ordered other food to help get over that.  

My first big mistake.  I mean, I already know not to order MRE’s.  So, let me share this with you:

I survived Thanksgiving!

I also went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving where I had a small bite of turkey and dressing, but chose fish, Brussels sprouts and steamed spinach for my meal.  I did however, eat a whole freakin’ piece of pumpkin pie…and it was heaven.

Feelin’ it!

The chocolate thing up above…here, let me zoom in.

It’a okay to be jealous.  It’s also to make this your wallpaper.  I won’t judge you.  It might be taped to my bathroom mirror.  And scale.  And dresser.  And…

This episode, brought to you by the number 20.

I love that my kiddos (and even my husband) are super supportive of my diet though.  I asked my son for a small bite of his candy the other day and you know what he replied with?  “You can’t have that, Mommy.  It’s not…

Buffalo Cauliflower

When you take them out, y’all, they are hot.  Be careful and wait for it to cool a little before go sticking it in your mouth and complain about how hot it is.  The combination of hot sauce and heat from your oven might send you straight to hell if you aren’t careful.  Give that sauce some…

Week 4 Complete!

Nutrisystem gives us challenges each week.  This week (well, actually next 10 days) is to log an activity for 10 days straight.  Oy.  Y’all, that means I gotta get up and do something for 10 days.  Well, nothing like the present to get out and be purposeful