What a weekend!

I am still relishing over the Lil Stangs Football team.  I mean, look at this tough little crew.   Call me biased.  But, those faces.  That sun.  Those jerseys.  I’m not even sure which awesome mom took these photos, but I.  Am.  In LOVE!


Little bit watched the game with us.  She’s incredibly precious.  Something is a bit off with her though.  Sleepiness?  Hunger?  She wasn’t that little princess we know and love this weekend.  This little smile is a game with her, sometimes!  She’s a little player, for sure.

2017-09-16 04.07.19

Overall, it was a good game.  We lost, again, but it’s all about spirit, right? Silas is really learning how to play center well.  I’m pretty excited about him playing center and I need to work on practicing his ball snaps.

2017-09-16 05.04.48

We watched a friends dog this weekend, too.  Added to our pack for a couple of days.  She’s a sweet little mutt.  The kids LOVED her.  She’s twice the size of our dogs and can definitely pull a little harder on the leash and jump higher (like onto our bed!).  She was fun to get used to, but the kids were sad to see her go Sunday.


Saturday morning before the game, I spent some time mowing the front pasture while Daddy mowed the areas around the house. I prefer the pasture because I love the tractor.  My husband bought us an L series Kubota a while back and I love that it’s automatic and easy to drive.  He also bought us a zero-turn, but I’m not as fond of this one.  Mostly because we have hills and I can’t seem to drive this thing.

But, I really do love mowing first thing in the morning.  It’s early and I can put in some country music and just listen to music and mow away.  Just me and The Lord.

After that, we worked on the side of the house.  It’s been a bit dirty and I bought some Scott’s Outdoor Cleaner.  Daddy got up there and started scrubbing.  Overall, it easily cleaned off the mildew off of our siding and was relatively painless.  Ideally, I guess you aren’t supposed to scrub this stuff, but because it was so high, we had to get up there since the hose pressure simply would not reach.

It’s summertime now.  So, this meme is accurate for the season.

Spiders.  Are.  Everywhere.


We finished up the day Saturday with a rodeo at Kings Trail Cowboy Church.  Loved every minute of it.  Especially the kids calf chase.  Silas even got in on the fun!  It’s always good to see these guys doing what country boys do best.


Sunday was a lazy day – not lazy enough though, I guess.  Daddy is working on rebuilding a truck.  If you’re interested in this project, go follow him HERE.  We emptied out the fuel tank last night (which by the way STINKS after years of sitting there).  And I complained. The whole time.

Glad he’s getting to enjoy himself.  But, I think I’ll stay inside and binge on Netflix. 😉

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