Friday Night Lights

Because Texas isn’t amazing enough with our country personalities, sweet tea, hummingbirds, and rocking chairs on our porches, we add Friday Night Lights.  And tonight wasn’t just any football game.  It.  Was.  Homecoming!


The kids had a blast.  Little Silas got to run on the field with his team before the game.  I might have noticed that of course, my child, decided to fall all over the field.  #onpurpose?


The football team was so much fun.  I loved Silas’ little ‘grr face’ that the moms kept asking them to make.

Look tough, they asked!  Well, you got it!


I really loved that they put together a program this year to include the little kiddos of the flag football team and cheer teams.  Shout-out to all our teammates and cheerleaders this year!  So blessed to see each one of these faces and do life together!

Elysha was busy being a little bit of a ham, as usual.  Running around, playing with the other girls, enjoying herself.  She even got to put on her ‘Future MCA Mustang’ shirt.  Just think, this time next month, I’ll be paying her application fees.  Sigh! I am so excited!


Pretty happy with this kids smile.  I mean, he’s a little social butterfly and easy to like, but I know I’m biased. Tonight’s #eyeblack #verse was 2 Timothy 4:7.


One of the coaches is looking to do a different Bible verse for each game.  I think we will use this one tomorrow.  I love that they use this as a learning opportunity prior to games and practices to teach the kids what the scripture means.  Best part of private school!


But, the best part of homecoming?  The drive home!


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