Day 6 and 7 (Pizza and Cake Day)

I sat down probably 3 or 4 times to review Day 6, but I kept falling short.  Sunday I was literally just exhausted.  So, today’s post will be Day 6 and 7 together.  Tomorrow’s post is my weigh in, so you will definitely want to come back and review that!

I think we’ve already established I planned poorly and left all of the what-I-perceive-to-be-nasty-food until the end, so I was not looking forward to the end days of week 1.

I do believe Day 6 was probably one of my hardest days, too.  Perhaps in combination with Day 4 or 5, where I was just tired in general

DAy 6

Cinnamon-Bun-Bar_LDay 6 was my son’s birthday party!  I did so good waking up in the morning and staying on track.  Breakfast was the Cinnamon Bun bar.  Out of all the bars so far, this my least favorite.  This one seemed more powdery and less granola-y (Is that word?  I feel like that’s a word.).  I do like the icing/yogurt/chocolate/whatever-they-are-dipped in quite a bit on each one of these granola-y (see, used my word again) bars.  I find it adds a hint of sweetness to it.  No, actually more than a hint, but it’s good.  However, my fav bar so far has been the apple strudel and the double chocolate crunch bar.  (With the apple one leading.)

Shake as normal for snack and veggies were spaghetti squash with 1/8 cup of Tillamook shredded mozzarella cheese melted on it (which is not in the Fresh Start plan, but I can’t stand veggies, so I’m trying anything to get these suckers down).

ns-t13-day4-lunchbar-on-plateLunch was the Fudge Graham bar, which lacked a little for me, but it’s not on my hated list, so if I had to eat it again, I would.  I wasn’t feeling hungry at all, but I ate because I knew the birthday party was coming up and the real temptation was going to set in when they brought out this crappy pizza they sell at kids arcades.  I filled up on water, too, but for lunch, I didn’t get any veggies in since I only had 1 more cup of cooked veggies.  I also made a note to buy more frozen veggies because it’s so much easier for me to eat cooked veggies (you only have to eat 1/2 cup of cooked veggies) than raw (where you have to eat 1 cup).


Then, the birthday party came.

Listen, if I could offer one piece of advice to you if you start this diet – stay home for a week or something.  Don’t go anywhere where you will be tempted by food – especially things you like.  Don’t go places where you feel like you could stick your finger in the icing and get away with it.  Don’t do it.

Pizza for the kids wasn’t typical arcade pizza.  Or, maybe it was and by this point, I didn’t care and wanted it so much it looked like the best pizza ever.  It was so cheezy and bubbly and I was pretty convinced my life was ending by not indulging.  I started to wonder how many calories were in a bite (about 35, by the way), or in a single pepperoni (I didn’t check that one).

00632674441270-R0Fbi1TUnmhIg-0_s300While I helped serve pizza – and then cut cake for some very rowdy boys, I contemplated licking the knife or oops-I-got-some-on-my-finger-and-don’t-have-a-napkin move.  But, I didn’t.  Y’all, resisting was hard work, but I did it.  I texted my mom, who was on Day 1 of her plan and she kept telling me to look away.  I felt like that little bug in A Bugs Life when his friends are all “Don’t look at the light…” and his voice trails off as he says, “I can’t heeeeeeeeeeeelp iiiiiiittttttttt.”




So, for snack, I had the zesty herb chex mix stuff. I sat in the corner and ate my sad little I-wish-it-were-pizza mix.  I’m not sure if I wanted pizza that made it taste so bad or if it just tasted bad in general, but this mix was a little too dry and powdery for me.  I’m noticing that trend in a lot of foods.  Powdery.  Why?  What is this stuff?  At first, I joked it might be metamucil, but now I’m wondering if it’s a protein powder.  Mostly because I don’t feel hungry after eating the food.  Or perhaps I’m learning to adjust portion sizes?


Chili-with-Beans_LDinner was the chili with beans.  One word, yuck.  I put some chili powder and garlic in here to try and help with the flavor, but it wasn’t helping.  It was really bean-y (see, I’m making up words again) tasting.  Like a strong red kidney bean.  Normally, I’m good with this, but for some reason, it tasted like it was just beans and I couldn’t get past that. But, I ate all of it and was proud of myself for getting it down.  That helped me get through the end of Day 6 and I was pleased that I could go onto Day 7 knowing I didn’t blow it and eat pizza and cake.


Day 7

So, let’s talk Day 7.

I was literally exhausted.  So exhausted I missed breakfast and went straight to shake and spaghetti squash for my first meal.

P.S.: Check back on the wrap up of Week 1 tomorrow to follow-up on my weigh in and some things I learned along the way about missing meals and timing of food.  It’s important, but too important not to give it its own post.

Beans-Ham-Soup_LLunch was Ham and Beans soup.  Can I just be honest?  After yesterday’s chili with beans, I wasn’t looking forward to this…at all.

So, let me tell you something.  I’ve been pretty discouraged by seeing how small these portions are, but I learned something.  Did you know if you take it out of the packaging and put it in a normal bowl, it actually fills a whole ‘normal sized cereal bowl’?  (I put this in quotes because it’s subjective on what normal is, but for me, that’s like a 10 oz bowl and it fills it almost to the top.)

Anyway, I wasn’t looking forward to the soup, so I added in some garlic and chili powder. This one wasn’t terrible like the chili and would be one I could eat again.  However, I’m not a fan of the meat.  I have a real issue with meat that’s been in containers in general, but it wasn’t awful.

I wanted to make sure I ate because I had to run to the grocery store and didn’t want to be hungry and make bad decisions.  Tomorrow was starting week 2 and changes me off the Fresh Start plan, so I knew the menus would change, too.

During grocery shopping, I found myself reading more labels.  I’m already hyper sensitive towards dyes in food because our little guy can’t eat them, but I haven’t paid much attention to the ‘added sugars’ in food before.  Y’all, it’s disgusting.  Even ‘Organic’ things have like 12 or 13 grams of sugar in them.  The normal amount (a post for another day) is so much lower than that!  (I think women are supposed to get 12g a day.)

Anyway, my kids will benefit from this because I’m paying more attention to what they are eating from an added sugar perspective, too.  (Thanks, mom!  This helps even them!)

56f772d9f8b046dfe998f2e7e2f847dcSnack was the Chewy Peanut bar.  Wheres my gag emoji?  This one is off my list.  Forever.  No going back, no second chances.  It was just bad.  This one was not only powdery, but it was ‘chewy’ (hence the name) and really tough.  I didn’t like this one at all and choked this bad boy down because I needed the calories.

But, gone forever, my love.  You won’t come back on my list unless Nutrisystem is just out of every food option in the world.

Now, dinner.

I made some brussel sprouts and had one tsp of maple syrup on them.  Maple syrup is listed as an extra (if it’s sugar-free) and while I didn’t have sugar-free, I just decided to use it.  It makes brussel sprouts amazing.  And I needed a change of veggies.  I should have saved these for last though.  I should mention that I’m not throwing out food that isn’t good for me.  Like full-fat cheeses, non-sugar-free maple syrup, etc.  I’m just using it and watching the suggested serving size and making note of what I should have in the future.


I was so looking forward to the dinner choice – I saved it all week for a reward.  The turkey sausage with mac and cheese.  Y’all, I need to learn. Canned meat is a no-no.  I don’t like it. This is off my list forever.  The meat was absolutely horrid.  The taste was bland and flavorless.  The outer exterior of the sausage was bumpy and weird and it chewed like canned meat. The texture was more like something a dog food that got wet.  The noodles were way too squishy (not even anywhere close to what al dente means in a noodle and this whole dish was swimming in this bland cheese sauced that tasted like a yellow flavorless glue.


I’ll mark this one of my list, too.

So, tomorrow is week 2.  Tomorrow I’ll review any new foods, but tomorrow is mostly about weighing in and reflection so far.  Come back tomorrow and see where I’m at!



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