Week 1 in Review…

It’s ‘Weigh Day!’  This might be new favorite (or most hated) day of the week.  For this week though, I am in love!

You’ll remember in my previous posts where I mentioned that I was going to weigh in once a week.  This is important for me because bigger scale victories are more important right now while I am sticking to this FreshStart phase of the Nutrisystem diet lifestyle plan.

So, where am I?



Y’all, this is friggin AMAZING for me.  Yes, I know it’s the first week.  Yes, I know most of it is losing soda and carb weight, but still.  Y’all.  7.6 pounds.


So, now what?  Well, I’ve learned a few things about what I like and don’t like on the plan.  There’s some foods that I’m all nope-not-gonna-eat-it-ever-again and there’s some I’m iffy on and there’s some that I was surprised by and actually enjoyed.

When you log into the app, you have a choice to stop the FreshStart plan and go into the NutriSystem plan (which starts to add in things called PowerFuels and SmartCarbs) or you can stay on FreshStart.  I chose to add myself to the Nutrisystem plan, but quickly realized I was not prepared for the change this morning.  I tried (multiple times) to switch myself back to the FreshStart plan on the Numi app and they don’t make that easy.  If you’re trying to do it yourself, do the following:

Under your Numi app, click More>Settings>Plan Settings. On Stage, select FreshStart.  It will ask you if this is your first week, just click yes.  It will ask you when your week ends.  You should notice it’s 7 days from today (where today is your current day).  If you happen to click No, the app won’t update your plan and you’ll have to go back and do it.  Even if you click that it’s your first week, it still keeps all your previous data, so you’re good there.  Probably just a little bug in their software.

Another thing I learned was timing is literally key.  When I missed meals or ‘starved myself’ thinking I would have better results, I actually went the opposite way.  I had a day where I gained 4 ounces back and I thought the world might have ended.  Another reason why I decided not to weigh every day.

My point is – eat the food.  Eat the food – at the times recommended. There’s a reason this works and there’s a science behind it.  Just follow it. Trust me.

Now, here’s something I disagree with Nutrisystem on.  

Fat-free vs. Sugar Free. 

Look, I’ve watched enough documentaries and read enough articles to know that sugar is basically poison.  I’m a little surprised that NS has as much sugar in it as it does, but I’m countering that with choosing items with little to no sugar on my own choices.

As I mentioned on the Day 6 and 7 posts, I am pretty aware of foods with dyes and we try to avoid those, but sugar is new to me.  I know it’s bad, but I am just shocked at how much stuff has sugar (not just regular, but added) in it.

I’ve also altered my meal-plan to remove any and all foods that are shelf stable that contain meat.  Sorry, gotta go.  I’m just not eating it.  MRE’s…buh-bye.  I don’t like soft squishy old meat.  It’s just nasty.

Food for Today

So I’ve pretty much stuck to my original meal plan for today. I’m going to make an effort to take real pictures of the food versus what I find online.  Hopefully this helps give you an idea of what you’re really getting and what I’m eating.  I’ll also make an effort (now that I see this picture) to take a picture of something in comparison to it for sizing portions for you.  Tell me if you like the links and such as well.

I do not get any kick-backs for these links.  They are purely informative for you to do your own review and formulate opinions as well.




Breakfast today was the Cinnamon Streusel Muffin.  I had this with a cup of coffee and 1 tbsp of Coffee-mate original creamer.  So far, I’ve not been disappointed with the muffins (now that I have my size of portions down).  I’ve found that while they are a little dense, they are somewhat moist and they are filling.  If you are nervous about the foods for breakfast, these are a good option.

AM Snack: 



AM Snack was a FreshStart shake and a side-salad (from Chick-Fil-A) with 1 tbsp of apple vinaigrette.  When I was at the restaurant, I was trying to decide between the Fat Free Honey Mustard (which had no calories) or the light Italian dressing which had 25 calories.  The sugar content sold it.  20G (GASP!!) in the honey mustard versus 3 in the light.  Well, didn’t seem to matter, they forgot it anyway, so I found another option at work.



Lunch was red beans and rice.  I strongly encourage you to save veggies for lunch if you are depressed by smaller portions.  It does look sad to have a small thin layer of food in the bowl.  This bad recommended 1 tbsp of water in the bag before microwaving.  Make sure you don’t forget that or the rice will be dry.

Taste wise, this meal is one of my favs!  I will definitely make sure to mark this one as one of my favs, too.  The rice and sausage don’t taste MRE-ish and the spice is the perfect level for me.  I absolutely love red beans and rice to begin with.  If you’ve ever bought the Zatarain’s red beans and rice from the grocery store,  this is pretty much what it tastes like.  A big win on taste on this one – and doesn’t taste like a MRE like some of the other options I’ve had so far.

PM Snack: 

Chocolate chunk cookie.

I don’t care how miserable it looks.




Or maybe it was just a cookie, I don’t know.  But, it was good.  (Again, trying to show realistic sizing to, so you’ll notice more hand pics along the way.)


This is that Italian flatbread pizza I like so much.  I put very little cheese on bottom and saved most for the top and added some spinach. . I was pretty pleased with this one again.  I wonder if they let us add turkey pepperoni or something later?  Anyone know?

Anyway, this is one of my more favorite shelf stable items.  Trust this one.  It’s actually good.  And it’s growing on me, too.

So, that’s week 1 in review and Day 8 on the diet.

7.6 pounds.  It works!  I’ve finally found something that works!

Listen, if you want a $100.00 coupon to try it, let me know.  You can drop a comment below or send me a message on my Facebook page.

Now, my next project for tonight?  Get my SVBONY 105 camera working for my son’s telescope!  More tomorrow on food reviews!


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