Day 18: Keeping it real…

So, yesterdays post should have been Day 17, instead of the day before.  Counting is hard, y’all.

So, here we are!

Will the real Day 17, please stand up?

Food Review:

I’m starting to repeat meals and I’m supposed to be getting my next frozen order in soon!  I’m excited about this because I’m out of MRE’s and I am literally praying that they sent none.

I’ve become pretty fond of the celery and almond butter in the morning with my breakfast.  I am in love with the breakfast sandwiches, too.  I had the Canadian bacon one recently and between this one and the turkey sausage, I love the turkey sausage one more.

For lunch, I had a side salad from Chick-Fil-A with about a tbsp of lite Italian dressing and I had the four cheese melt.  I’m not sure how these little pizza things are considered diet food because they are amazing. Like, little pockets of bread and cheese sent down from heaven.

Day 18 (the real one) didn’t work out for me.  While I stuck to the approved foods, I didn’t stick to the timing.  My day was jam-packed with one long meeting.  I’m a product manager by day and when we get ready to launch a product you can suddenly get unexpected long meetings as everyone gets into a quick panic about product being delivered.

Flex Meals:

Flex Meals have a guideline you should be following:


So, if you remember from my old post on what PF and SC are, a SC has 80-120 calories and at last 1 gram of fiber.  A PF has 80-120 calories and at least 5 grams of protein.  So, now I’m trying to find good flex meals!  Here’s where we’re starting:

So these are the ones I’m starting with for calories and trying to figure out what works best for if I have to flex or run out of options!

Walking and stuff:

In other news, I haven’t been getting as many steps as normal.  Back in August, I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus and I felt like it had been doing pretty well.  However, that doesn’t seem to the case anymore.  When my kids did their run at school, I was squatting down to take pics of little short kids and fell backwards and was pretty sure I ripped something inside.  It burned like fire and I just quickly grabbed my leg and sat still for a second hoping no one would notice.  Grin and bear it is my typical nature anyway.

Walking for the last few days has been stupidly painful.  I feel it when my knee twists or anything.  I called my ortho surgeon to see if I could get another MRI scheduled to see if it’s torn again because I mean, may as well have a 2nd surgery while deductibles are met!

Keeping up with the kids:

My kiddos had PJ day at school today. I like to call this day “The one day each year I actually buy you pajamas and you can sleep in t-shirts the other 364 days.”  It’s fun for them and this was also the first year we let them sleep in them and literally go to school after getting out of bed.  Normally, I make them change into their PJs.  This was actually my best idea yet because getting ready was so easy this morning.  I’m now looking for ways to make the kids sleep in their school uniforms to make mornings easier.

My daughter and her attitude is like the spitting image of me.  She’s every bit of sarcastic, tough, and rigid.  She’s got her soft moments where she likes to cuddle and be warm, but for the most part, if there was a zombie apocalypse, she would be the one that others come to for survival.  She’s a no bull-snot type of kid.

My son is captain affection.  Super sweet, sincere, compassionate, fair, and loving.  Basically everything his sister isn’t.  Kidding.  Sort of. But seriously, in that same zombie apocalypse, look for our boy to open the door for the zombies and cuddle with them to end their savage ways.  He’ll sit down and tell them all about Jesus and play Legos and encourage them to be a good friend.  The world needs more kids like him.

Trying to stick more to the schedule today to keep things moving.  Next week, I’ll try a flex meal and see how it goes.  Maybe I’ll get a call from the doctor, too and can get this bum knee fixed!


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