Adjusting to the Nutrisystem Plan

Today is my last day of the first week of the Nutrisystem Plan. (Say that 3 times fast.)  It’s different than the FreshStart plan and I’ve found that the weight loss has definitely slowed down.  Remember on week 1 weight loss though, I knew that the first week was losing all that drinking-4-sodas-a-day weight.  However, if I’m being honest, I’m a little disappointed.

I did weigh almost every day and it really makes me frustrated to do this. I’ve been a yo-yo each day this week.  Up, Down, Up, Down in weight.  But, I’ve also had less activity in my week walking (barely broken over 5K most steps most days due to a lot going on at work and sitting in meetings). That also means my food schedule has not been constant.  So, I can’t completely blame the plan.  I mean, it’s not very likely that I’m going to stop a meeting and be all “Hey, can you guys hold on, I need to go make a shake or grab some food because my timer just went off.”

The Weekend:


This weekend, we went to get pictures with the kids.  This is something I’ve typically avoided in the past because me and pictures never turn out well.  However, it’s important for our kids for us to get photos…regardless of my own self-image.  My daughter eats like a bird, but she loves her sweets and bread.  My son eats my like my husband.  Lots of good food.  Veggies and such.  They both love salmon, asian food, rice & seaweed.   I think that’s important though because it teaches them the importance of some of the more iron/vitamin foods.  Now, if only I could learn to love them as well.

img_0921Sundays (today) are typically cleaning day for us.  We pick-up around the house and generally get ready for the week.   We’re old fashioned I think in that we teach our kids to work around the house, do laundry, mow lawns, etc.. I know a lot of parents don’t do this at our kids age, but we find it helps them learn the importance of keeping things clean and it keeps them off of just playing with toys and such.  Later today, we’ll take the kids walking or something. We’ve got some property, so it’s fun to take them outside and let them play outside while the weather has been so nice lately.  Probably a really good reason for me to get some extra steps, as well!

New Food:


New food this week has been the Italian Style Sausage and Peppers and I finally tried an Ice Cream Sandwich.  The sausage and peppers were really laughable.


I mean, I feel like it needs its own page because the 5 pieces of meat in here made me smile in a ‘meh, whatever’ face.  And let me tell you, they weren’t anything like the package.  It was chewy.  It wasn’t bad tasting, but I’ve got to figure out another way to cook these.  There are options to put these in the oven, so I may try that next time.


The ice cream sandwich was pretty good and really reminded me why I love ice cream – and hate ice cream.  Ice cream hurts my stomach after a certain time.  I’m not sure why.  I ate it anyway.  I did not eat this at the 8:30 time as scheduled though.  I ate the 5 pieces of meat and this together.  I needed additional calories for the day and I was wondering if there was a bad thing to combine this much sugar at night.

I mean, how can you have sugar on a diet?  I do try to limit the sugar in my diet overall with this diet, so sometimes I look at this stuff and think How am I going to lose weight eating ice cream?  Well, I’m sure they’ve thought through all this.  And I think what I’m seeing is that it doesn’t matter what you eat as much as when and how much you eat.

Tomorrow is weigh day.  Next week, my goal is to add more activity and eat more on schedule.  Let’s see what happens that way.


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