I’ve found a new favorite dessert.  (Which, by the way, do you ever struggle with spelling with desert and dessert and not getting them confused? Here’s a tip.  Spell STRESSED.  It’s desserts.  Spelled backwards.  And that’s typically when I want to eat dessert.)


The tiramisu is one of my favorites!  I’ll be adding this to my heart list!  This one doesn’t need warming up.  And it doesn’t take long to thaw.  Maybe an hour?  It had a small cookie texture on bottom and the top was perfectly flavored with the right amount of cream and coffee flavor.  Win for you coffee lovers!

I’m not usually a tiramisu girl, so I loved that this was acceptable to me!



I mean, look at all that yumminess!  Great job to Nutrisystem on this one.  Far better than the dog food I tried to eat yesterday.

My dinners in general are getting healthier.  I haven’t found how I’m going to cook like this forever once I get off this food plan, but I know I have to figure it out.


The overall thought of having to meal prep on a Sunday literally bores me which is part of the reason I find this Nutrisystem thing so convenient.  But, I’ve also read a few things that eating all this processed food in packages isn’t great for your colon either.  And for someone who has already run the chance of having pre-cancerous polyps discovered in a colonoscopy years ago, I should probably be careful with this one.

Lunch yesterday (heck, food in general) was hard.  I had breakfast on time with a cup of coffee.  Then, I got lost in work.  Literally.  I spent hours working on a marketing post card trying to make my product look perfect and then spent another 6 hours re-writing a document from (almost) scratch because I deleted a file with the same name thinking they were the same and one was my finalized copy.

I ended up having lunch around 4 PM and then when I got home, my kids had Italian and pizza, so I ate two pieces of my daughters kid size pizza she didn’t eat and watched a little bit of a movie and crashed.  I drank NO water yesterday.  I ate like crap.  And this morning, I felt it.


I was so tired this morning in general and my eyes were burning.  I was literally just exhausted.  I’m sure a lot of it was food and the other part of it was in general beating myself into the ground this week.

But, I’ve learned not to delete things and to make sure I rename files.  Because…rewriting a ~50 page document (and having to retake screenshots) from scratch was amazingly annoying.

Can’t wait for weigh in this week.  Thanksgiving was a bit of a bust for me not losing too much, so I’m excited to see where my progress picks back up.

Until then…


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