Hot Sauce Makes (Almost) Everything Better

Today’s food of the day:  Hot Sauce.  I’ve pretty much decided I can use Tapatio to burn my taste buds for things that just don’t taste good.

With Thanksgiving, I did pretty well and was pretty meh over restaurant food.  I had hyped up Mexican food so much and wasn’t all that impressed.  I usually always get fajitas, but I didn’t feel like fajitas that day.  Maybe too heavy.  Who knows?

I’ve become so bored with microwaved pizzas from Nutrisystem so I’ve ordered other food to help get over that.

My first big mistake.  I mean, I already know not to order MRE’s.  So, let me share this with you:


I’m not trying to be cute here.  But, can you guess which one is Nutrisystem and which one is dog food?  I guarantee you, taste and smell are hand in hand.  Both smelled horrible.  And not that I tasted the dog food, but I can tell you this Nutrisystem meal was a giant H-E-double-hockey-sticks NO.


The turkey and stuffing meal is off my list.  Forever. It won’t be ordered voluntarily.  I did love the frozen turkey (or let me say, I tolerated it).  But, this MRE.  Nope.


Without trying to be funny, this literally smelled like dog food.  I ate a few bites and I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. I was curious if my dogs would eat it.  My dogs were literally circling me as I was opening the package and after a few bites, I literally couldn’t stomach a single bite more of food and decided to divide up the bowl between my two youngest ones.  My alpha senior got the other silver bowl of actual dog food (because I’m afraid to give her much more than dog food at this point with her little ancient tummy).

The result?

img_2116Breakfasts are my fav with the egg dishes.  I love the egg sandwiches and the omelet.  I love adding veggies with it.  Today, I had the omelet (with Tapatio sauce) and some zucchini, tomato sauce and skim mozzarella cheese.  Perfect – and very filling.

I weigh again next Monday and I think this week, I need to pull in some more time walking.  I’m starting to debate (in some weird portion of my brain) if I can start doing planks.  The goal there should be 10 seconds first and gradually work my way up.

I need to find a good plan for that though.  Planks are hard, but they are so good for all of your body!  Core, back, legs, stomach, arms, and more.  And in a very short amount of time.   I used to kid the guys at work that we would do stand-ups in plank fashion to keep their talking to a minimum. (They never found that funny.)

I have a LOT of MRE’s that are new, so I’ll post more reviews on those as I eat them!  I’m suddenly not seeing those pizzas as bad.  And I’ve found if I stick them in the Air Fryer for 10 minutes at 400F, it’s a game changer and they are amazing!

In other news, I’ve found a new use for the Chocolate Shakes!


love iced coffee.  But here lately, it’s like -23492738476238746 degrees in Texas and I need hot cocoa.  I’ve been scouring Amazon for Sugar-Free cocoa or low cal cocoa or even keto cocoa and nothing has jumped out at me.  So, today, I decided to try making my coffee hot and blending it with my powder.


Why haven’t I thought of this before?

It was like a warm, frothy, coffee-y, cup of cocoa.  It warmed me, gave me energy, and filled me up!

If you want to try this, brew 8 ounces of your favorite coffee. I love bulletproof (the original) with 8 oz of hot water.  I grind the beans and then use a french press to make my coffee.  Then, I just add two scoops of my chocolate shake and my coffee to my nutribullet.  Though, I bet you can do this with a shaker bottle and some gloves (hello, hot coffee!).

Fellow NS users or protein shake drinkers…what other ways have you used yours without adding calories to your shake?

Drop me a line (or a link to your website) in the comments.  I’d love to see how you’re doing it!




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