I survived Thanksgiving!

Y’all, I didn’t think it was possible to survive the holidays, but I did.  And the net return…no weight gained.

While I ate poorly (timing and little water), I tried to stay true to good food choices.  I saved calories for meals I knew I would splurge on, but even when I splurged, I tried to choose healthier items.

Meals I chose:

Over Thanksgiving, I had that steak I was craving!  I paired it with steamed broccoli and a side salad (sans cheese/croutons/egg) and chose oil and vinegar for the dressing.  I also went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving where I had a small bite of turkey and dressing, but chose fish, Brussels sprouts and steamed spinach for my meal.  I did however, eat a whole freakin’ piece of pumpkin pie…and it was heaven.

Our last day on vacation, I hate Mexican.  I debated the fajitas and the fried chimichangas, but figured since I love fish tacos, I could have these instead.  I chose the fish tacos and instead of eating it with the 2 corn tortillas it comes with, I had one.  I asked for no sauce, no cheese and limited to myself to 1 slice of avocado per taco.  I had plenty of chips and salsa and queso though!  And you guys,  I still did okay!  I still lost weight.  I even had about 5 bites of my husbands ice cream.

The bottom line?  Meals can still be fun.  You can still recover from damage.

I’m sure I would have lost more had I drank more water, but I was struggling with a sore throat and quite honestly, I just wanted to sleep and not swallow a single drop.

I did learn a pretty important lesson, just reinforcing what Nutrisystem has been trying to teach me.  Two things are important:

The timing of your food.



Weigh in: 

So, before I left, I had only lost .2 ounces.  Attribute that to long days at the office, days of not eating and just in general, confusion about my days.  But with the last two weeks, my total weight lost has come down to 21.6 pounds so far.

The most exciting part for me?  You guys.  You’ll laugh.  I can see my toes!  You know, those things I go to get a pedicure on?  The ones with sparkle and shinies?  (Channeling my inner crabby guy from Moana) Yeah, I can see them.

I need to remeasure again in a couple of weeks to track total inches lost and I have another photo capture I need to do in about a week.  (Not looking forward to that, I always hate those days.)

I did get in a lot more walking while on vacation.  We took a trip to NASA, the beach, and a lot more stuff and the kids had a blast and it gave me a chance to get in a lot of steps.  Perhaps that’s what helped keep my weight on track.

A couple of teaser pics for a future post!



More to come soon, you guys!

Keep making good choices.  And remember, if you fall off your plan, tomorrow’s another day.  You can totally do this!




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