Feelin’ it!

I’ve lost count of what week I’m in on Nutrisystem.  Week 7?  Is anyone keeping track?  I feel like this has become a change for the way I eat for myself but what I haven’t done is figure out how to feed my family on meals like this every day.  I mean, if we’re honest, some of this they just flat out won’t eat.  

Honestly, you guys, I feel great!  Sure, some days are harder with cravings and I’ve learned to balance those cravings.  I’ve learned that calorie rich foods are hard for me because I find that quantity is important some times and I need an actual meal.

So, what’s different?

img_1468Well, let’s start with the obvious things.

  1. My wedding ring no longer fits.  I’m so scared I’m going to lose it and I know now isn’t the right time to get it resized.  I can fit it on my middle finger!
  2. I can pull my jeans (and another pair of jeans that used to be too small) off my waist completely…without unzipping/unbuttoning them.
  3. I can finally wear a pair of pants my husband bought me a couple of years ago for the first time!
  4. My knickers are getting too big.
  5. My favorite pairs of PJ pants are loose around the waist.  They used to fit me snuggly!
  6. I was able to run with the dog this morning (in flip-flops) and not be winded from carrying around an extra 20 pounds.
  7. I don’t mind the taste of most vegetables.  (Except that I still get really bored with them.)
  8. I love celery for breakfast.
  9. I have finally been able to drink black coffee with nothing in it.  (HUGE!)
  10. I can still have a diet coke every now and then and know I’m okay.  (I never drank diet before!)
  11. If I have a craving, I take a bite.  Not the entire thing!  I’ve learned satisfaction is enjoying a taste, not having to eat the entire thing.  (Though, I still want to sneak the kids snacks from time to time!)
  12. I haven’t missed Blue Bell ice cream like I thought I would.
  13. I had a sip of Texas Water the other day (I was choking and it was close), and I realized it was far too sweet for my liking.
  14. I can cross my legs without my leg hurting or sticking out in left field!

It’s not about huge changes.  It’s not about knowing I still have 80 pounds to go.  It’s knowing that it’s coming off.  Ounce by ounce.  It’s knowing that if I gain a pound, I can lose it again.  It’s knowing that day to day, my weight will fluctuate.  Water and timing of food is critical to that.  But,  if you’re just starting, just get through Day 1.  Don’t look to day 100.  Set a goal to make the right decisions today.  Plan.  You can do this!

Food – New Nutrisystem Ones and Flexing

This week has been a rollercoaster of new foods.

I’m far more happy with the frozen meals than shelf-stable.  That’s a given.  I literally hated the shelf stable mac and cheese more than I hate oysters (and I really don’t like those).

I’m not hugely a fan of the cranberry orange muffin for breakfast.  I’m not sure why this one is frozen versus the others, but it seemed more dry than the others.  I guess it’s cause it was in the freezer.  I did have a blueberry muffin this morning too and it was dry.  The double chocolate muffins are probably the least dry.  (That is NOT what is pictured above.)

I had the salisbury steak and mac and cheese for dinner one day and I liked this one kind of in an okay way.  The steak was good, but frozen wet meat is hard for me.  Again, I’m a Texas gal.  We love our steaks.  So I drive a hard comparison.  And my husband cooks good steaks, so I’m kinda spoiled by him. 🙂

The chocolate thing up above…here, let me zoom in.

It’a okay to be jealous.  It’s also to make this your wallpaper.  I won’t judge you.  It might be taped to my bathroom mirror.  And scale.  And dresser.  And phone.


This is one of their snacks.  This is the chocolate cupcake.

You guys, if you have a chocolate craving, this one nails it.  It’s got a yummy creme filling on the inside.  It’s a frozen item, so leave it out for a few hours to thaw.  Don’t get creative and try to microwave it or eat it half-frozen.  Just be patient and let it thaw.  Plan ahead and pull it out a couple of hours before you’re going to eat it.

It’s got a yummy chocolate sauce on it.  I will say it’s a little dense as most of the bread type products are and I was shocked that I struggled to swallow this on some of the dry bites, but I think that part of that is my fault as I felt like I tried to eat it in two bites because I had a nom-nom moment and tried to shovel it in my cheeks like a chipmunk.


Not kidding.

I’ve found a great snack that counts as a Smart Carb from Costco and then I had a flex lunch made from Healthy Choice (the Beef Merlot) which was literally amazing.  I have never enjoyed a frozen dinner for lunch so much!  It was only 180 calories, too!  I think I literally savored every drop of gravy.  I will say that I’m not sure why Nutrisystem can’t seem to get their meat to taste like this!  It actually came pretty close to tasting like roast!

And now for Kid Life!

I’m literally counting down the days to the holidays.  I’m taking a week off work over Thanksgiving and enjoying some much needed time with the husband and kids.

Silas had crazy hair day at school and we went with a green temporary wax from Amazon made by Mofajang.  This stuff was great.  It washed out so easily, too.

Here’s the link if you want it.  It worked great on his hair, but the product was a little stiff.  I’m not sure I’d recommend it on girls hair.  Unless you’re doing a weird mohawk.  I saw some ads for Common Panda, too, but this is the stuff I ended up getting.  If you know of any other waxes that leave your hair less sticky, link them to me!

We went with the Minecraft/grass-for-hair theme.  He loved it!  I hot-glued his legos to bobby pins and then crossed the bobby pins to ‘lock’ them in place and they stayed all day.  Bonus with hot glue?  It comes off the legos with ease!

Can’t wait for our time together this coming week.  Daddy and I need some time to just cuddle and enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about all the daily life.  It will be a nice week to just relax!

Looking forward to my next weigh-in!  (Never thought I’d say that!)



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