This episode, brought to you by the number 20.








So, what do all of these words have in common (if you use Google Translate)?  They all represent the number 20.  2-0.


You guys.  20 pounds.  Gone.

10 pounds was nice.  20 pounds is really nice!  Granted, I feel like last week I had some days where I just failed miserably at eating (busy and stuff), but when I did eat, I made good choices.  I didn’t give in to a burger craving (mostly because I thought about the aftermath of that decision.  I didn’t give in to eating a whole pizza.  By myself.  In my closet.  I didn’t give in to sugary Starbucks coffee.  I just stuck to it.  And today, my total weight loss so far is 20 pounds.

New Foods:

This week, I’ve flexed a little more and learned some valuable decisions about flexing.

A breakfast of an egg white, 2 turkey sausage, a slice of my favorite Ezekiel bread with almond butter and a cup of coffee was only 265 calories.  Breakfast is typically the biggest meal on Nutrisystem so I’ve made sure to get this one in good.  I usually have some celery with breakfast, too, but not on this day.

For lunch on Saturday, I took my mom to Flower Child.  Decent food and you can make decent decisions there, but the calorie content is high.



While it’s good-for-you-veggies, what it isn’t is free.   They do use sauces/spices/oils that can rack up quickly, so be smart about the rest of your caloric intake for the day.  And something else I’ve noticed is that I tend to fill up on veggies first.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe there’s something in my brain that thinks this is a better option now, but I tend to eat meat last, if at all.  And I’m opting for white meats/fish versus red meats.  Though, I’m ready for a steak, you guys.

I mean, I’m a country Texas girl…I’m ready for a steak!

I tried the Nutrisystem mushroom stuffed chicken.  This one was boring.  I’m not a fan of the pastiness of the stuff on the inside of the chicken. It feels like something they had to squish together to inject the chicken with.  If I was making this chicken myself, I’d use whole pieces and such.  I just think it would taste better.

Kid Life:

The kids are wonderful.  They are ready for a break (as I am sure their teachers are, too).  Thanksgiving is coming up, so it’s about time for a school break for them and I know they are anxious to just relax.

Overall, though, I’ve been pretty tired.  I’m not sure if it’s food related or what, but I’ve felt out of sorts lately.  Just moody, I guess.  The poor kids sometimes get the brunt of this, so I’m working on taming my tongue around them, too.

I love that my kiddos (and even my husband) are super supportive of my diet though.  I asked my son for a small bite of his candy the other day and you know what he replied with?  “You can’t have that, Mommy.  It’s not diet food.”  I mean, you guys.  LOVE.  I love how he supports me, even if it’s because he wanted all the candy to himself, but it made me stop and re-evaluate that he was right.  I didn’t need it!


In other news, what are your Thanksgiving plans?  And if you’re on Nutrisystem or another diet plan lifestyle change, tell me how you’re doing in the comments below!




2 Responses

  1. YAY!!! Well done you, fantastic!
    We’re lovers of steak in this household, though I get the feeling Texas does it a thousand times better than here!
    love that your son has the perfect excuse for not sharing sweeties 😀


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