Texas is an amazing place. Just do a search if you’re not from here on Texas Homecoming.

We. Are. Fanatics.

Texas is definitely known for Friday Night Lights, but we are also known for our Homecoming traditions. Go do yourself a Google search on ‘Texas Homecoming Mums.’ Y’all. We are a mess.

So, in the spirit of being a mess, I love to peruse Pinterest in search of new ideas on mums, garters, spirit ribbons, and all things ‘homecoming’ related. Each year, I’ve made mums or garters for my sisters kids and I’ve never made them for anyone else. This year, my sister and I made the trek to a little store up in Balch Springs called The Saleplace. This place is HEAVEN for anything crafting! It’s like Christmas for Texas Homecomings!

I did pretty good. We bought ribbon, trinkets, etc., but we did our own cutting of ribbon versus buying those crazy spools of ribbon that I would never end up using it all.

So, I fashioned up some a garter and my very first bracelet mum this year. I’ve been looking at smaller things like finger mums and headbands, but my niece wanted a bracelet mum with her drama and painting hobbies, so we did that instead. Overall, it’s pretty nice. We used a tiny little corsage bracelet and then just fashioned a very short mum out of it from there.


The garter ended up pretty nice, too. I’m a little torn on garters some times because there is so much cool stuff to put on them. But, what do guys really want? So, I usually end up going with a miniature version of a mum.


I also got a chance to dabble in making spirit pins this year. Overall, I was pretty happy with how they turned out. They are actually pretty small – maybe 4 inches? We bought some wood helmets, cut the ribbon and then I just mum flower backing and cut it to the shape of the helmet to have something to use for ribbons and the pin backing I wanted to use to pin it on their shirts.



I chose the helmets because we had a few long names and these were the smallest letters I could find. My sister had the idea for those since it made it easy to get the longest name on there. Then, I just added the numbers to the helmet, too.

Made for a pretty fun project and how precious will it be for the kids to wear these to school on Friday. Homecoming, here we come! Go ‘stangs!


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