All things lately…

I’ve got a secret to share with you.  Ready?  I know, it’s gonna be a shocker, but I think we might want to get this out of the way – probably before we go much further…


I know, just let that sink in for a few minutes.  You’ll be okay.  So what’s brought me to this realization lately?  Children, y’all.  My own two little loves.  It’s so easy to post pretty and fun pictures of our lives.  My kids are amazing little rockstars, despite what we deal with every day with Silas and his ADHD and learning to cope with this.

Pictures like this:

Behind what seems like perfect pictures are the ‘Please smile,’ ‘Stop picking your nose,’ ‘Get your hands off your sisters head,’ ‘Don’t step on your brothers feet,’ ‘I’ll give you an ice cream if you just smile for one pic…’

Listen.  picture drama is real.  Hell, life drama is real. And ADHD brings an extra level of chaos into our lives.   Let me share a little with you…

Silas recently caught a bunny (well, Daddy helped) and against my best judgment, I let him keep it.  Daddy was mowing and thought he saw a mouse, so he quickly ran over whatever it was with the zero-turn and killed it.  Low and behold though, there was another one – when he realized it was a paralyzed bunny in a corner.

A long time ago, I told Silas we could not have a bunny.  We’ve got 28394728347234 of them in our front yard.  Dude.  Catch one.  And knowing how fast these things are, I even made him a deal.  If you can catch it, you can keep it.  (That will never happen.)

Meet FluffyCloud.


FlufflyCloud was/is a sweet little cottontail.  After Daddy mutilated his brother with the lawn mower, we saved this one, brought it inside and rehabbed it.  I told the kids they could keep it, but that we would have to release it when it got stronger.  For 2 days that little bunny sat in it’s new cage and trembled in the corner.

Eventually, he got stronger.  I think we had him a couple of weeks.  Our little guy loves the concept of a bunny, but feeding him took Mommy reminding him every night ‘Feed Fluffy…’  (As if I don’t have enough going on with remembering to feed children and dogs, let’s add a bunny to the mix.)

Anyway, today was our release day.  Silas was so giggly that he almost tripped down the stairs with the cage.  Now, I’m not sure if this is where ADHD comes into play or kids just not knowing their strength, but I’m pretty sure Silas would have crushed that little bunny if I didn’t keep reminding him ‘You can’t pick it up…’

Fluffy wasn’t too smart either.  Fluffy kept jumping back in the cage, so eventually, I had to close the cage and move it away so he would hop off into the distance.

Then, we came into the house and it was like a tornado came into my child.  Literally BUZZING around the room with energy.  Hollaring.  Laughing.  Cutting up.  Unable to sit still.  Etc. Etc.  It’s our norm though.  Sometimes, we just let it go because it’s better than fighting over it.

Football seems to help.  He gets a chance to play games and it wears him out, but it’s not consistent enough to make a difference.  We’re still working on that.  He had a great game last week and really enjoyed carrying the ball, too!  He’s a pretty chunky little guy – built pretty thick.  So he makes a good meat shield.

Elysha and Silas have some pretty stellar friends. Two of our friends met us at the fair and spent the day with us (always fun – more on that blog later) and Elysha got to ride rides with one of the fun dads who she loves to hang out with!  I am thankful for these mamas in my life, too, because they UNDERSTAND what we are going through with Silas and his ADHD.  They pour into me, they ask how I’m doing and don’t judge me and they love on me.  (Thank you to you both!)

Anyway – I’ve got another blog to write soon – so I’ll cut this one short for now.  In the meantime, stay sweet friends!

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