Catching up!

Okay, so let’s just admit it.  I’m super bad at making time for me – and this blog.  But, ‘April 1 resolutions’ anyone?  I mean, am I joking with myself?

So, catching up!

Right before Spring Break, the kids had a great week planned at school.  It had been pretty chilly and I was a little worried about our annual vacation, but the weather turned out nicely.  Every picture was getting harder because I think they actually promote the idea of Spring Break to the kids and their attitudes and drive sink to the bottom of the barrel.  Getting pictures, getting them to get along…all of it.  WAS.  TIRING.

Right before Spring Break though, we had the Flat Stanley project!  If you’ve never done this, this is a fun 2nd grade project!  The idea is that the kids get to take a paper doll after reading this story and ship it anywhere in the world where they know someone and Flat Stanley is then returned to the child with his latest adventures!


Silas could not make up his mind, so not only did he make a project board, but he made a cool little scrapbook and then we made an awesome little video of Flat Stanley’s adventures.  Check out this link for that fun video!

After that was Kite Day.  One of our favorite days ever.  It’s a day where the kids get to fly kites with family at the school.  It’s always a big turn out for each grade and there are so many kites in the air!  And all grades get involved and help the little kids fly them, too!

Spring Break was fun this year.  We headed to Corpus first.  We have been renting AirBnB’s and it’s turned out to be a lot of fun.  This year was no exception.  I taught the kids to play Go Fish and they got quite competitive over it.

After Corpus and our time at the beach, we headed off to San Antonio.  We got to spend time at the Alamo this year and took the kids to the riverwalk.  Another great AirBnB, too.  Location wasn’t great – but it was what I would have expected being so close to downtown.

Ely even got to see a player there with a violin (fiddle).  Ever since we’ve enrolled the kids in 4/4 School of Music, they’ve gotten pretty excited about getting out on Saturday’s and learning to play their instruments.  Silas has been playing piano for about 3 months now – and Elysha, the violin for about a month.

We came back and got to celebrate Mimaws birthday at Texas Tulips in Pilot Point.  

You pick your own tulips here and of course, it’s a great place for photos.  There’s an entrance fee of $5.00 and then it’s $2.50 a stem.  They lasted about 2 weeks, too!  You pick the ‘buds’ that are just starting to show color and then they open up and last a long time. It was a really great adventure.

Of course, I got some great photos out there, too!  (And one I particularly liked of my mom.)

Oh, and if your local, Petras has moved locations.  They are now in McKinney over off 380 near Tucker Hill.  They’ve started more of a waiting tables type feel, but the menu is pretty much the same.  I haven’t been there for breakfast yet, but we intend to go.  Hello Tres Leches French Toast!  SIGN ME UP!

Okay, more to come later – tell me how your week has been!  What have YOU not done lately like me?




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