All I want for (insert holiday name) is a clean house…

Let me be first to admit, this image isn’t my house – though mine looks this way OFTEN with kids.  I wish I had a Tidy House by Marie Kondo,  but if I’m honest, about the only thing that SPARKS JOY for me lately is the sound of trash bags opening and dumping stuff into it.

Don’t look at me like that.  You know you thought it, too.

Seriously though, I love a clean house.  I had a group of ladies that cleaned my house about once a month, but I spent more time pre/post cleaning the house than I did enjoying it.  And let’s face it, that’s just as bad.   I found a new sweet friend from the church down the street who does it (if you’re local to Whitewright, let me know and I’ll send you her info for a house-cleaning).  She’s super amazing.  And my house smells wonderful when she’s done!  I found it’s a lot easier to keep it clean, too, when she comes on a regular schedule.

But, that got me to thinking…

I love cleaning products.  I’ve got my fav smells in the house and laundry, too, so I’m curious…what’s yours?

I think my fav all purpose spray is Method’s Honeycrisp Apple.  We use this stuff everywhere.  You can buy it on that link there – and this is by far my fav smelling scent.  It’s not chemically and it smells light.  I have used it on floors, counters, toilets, even our wood.  It’s pretty versatile.  It’s not a heavy duty cleaner, so think of this one as more of your touch up/spray down spray.

Pine-Sol.  So, let me tell you a little secret I learned.  This stuff is CRAZY versatile. When I was growing up, I loved the smell of Pine-Sol because it meant the house was clean. I still use this in our house, but I’ve also learned this can get that nasty mildew smell out of towels in the washing machine!  Who knew?  You drop 1/4 cup of that stuff in there (I wait until the water has filled up first so it doesn’t bleach our towels and then just toss it in).  There’s this fancy little Facebook group called Laundry Love & Cleaning Science that has all these fun tips – including this one on there! But beware – that page makes you want to clean!

Cold Pressed Orange Oil.  Okay, this one you might love the most.  So, I have slate floors.  And where it’s not slate, it’s laminate.  I HATE cleaning our slate floors.  Y’all, it’s like mopping the sidewalk.  Seriously.  I’ve found NOTHING good for it – until this.  Our cleaning gal introduced me to this stuff and it smells fantastic and actually cleans super well!  My floors felt AMAZING after she left and I immediately asked her what it was.  This stuff can be used on a ton of stuff, but if you have slate floors, trust me.  Pick a bottle of this up.  It’s great on laminate, too.

I’m working on keeping it sparkling, but this stuff helps!  These are three of my FAVS!  What are yours?

Oh – and go buy you some of that orange oil up above!  You’ll thank me later.



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