End of School!

schools out

It’s summertime y’all!  Schools out and I’ve never been happier! (Well, okay, maybe I’ve been happier, but this year was PHEW!)

Our little guy is done with 2nd grade and managed over the year to read 124 books!  He’s so proud of his accomplishment that he put the Accelerated Reader paper on his desk in his room on display.  He sure worked hard on it and his teacher was amazing for continuing to encourage his reading.  We had some hard weeks in there where he didn’t like reading fiction (which a lot is at that age), but he did pretty well, overall!

Little bit is done with Pre-K and moving on to Kinder.  Kinder was a scary time for Silas.  It’s TOUGH, but having been through it once at MCA, I can honestly say it’s one of the BEST programs in North Texas and I would recommend every child to go through it, if the family can.  The foundational offering our son got in Kinder at MCA was amazing.  His teachers were so nurturing and set the guideline for what they would experience up the grades.  Had he not had that foundation in Kinder, I don’t think he would have done as well in 1st or even 2nd.

So, we’re on to Kinder and 3rd, now!  I have no idea what next year holds!  But, we’ll see, soon!  Before you know it, August will be here.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming up on Monday and we’re attending the Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday at DFW National Cemetery.  It’s really a spectacular event and I recommend everyone to go to it.  The missing may fly-over, the playing of TAPS, and more.  It’s all very surreal to remind us of the ultimate sacrifice of dying while in the line of active duty.  I can’t tell you how much my husband and I try to instill the importance of recognizing events like these and how important it is that we get our children to understand the sacrifices others have made for our freedom.  So to those of you who have family who have made that ultimate sacrifice, thank you.  Thank you for supporting them while they serve.  Thank you for allowing us to honor them.  We honor you on this day, too.

Vacation Bible School

We have lots of VBS planned for the kids over the summer. It’s a good time for them to continue interacting with other kiddos and keep some sort of wake-up/go to sleep structure throughout the summer.  We typically do about 6 or so camps and the kids get a fun time meeting other people through it.  Also, staying in God’s Word is super important!

Mothers DAy

We celebrated Mother’s Day in Granbury with Richard’s family.  It was super nice to go out there and relax and eat some amazing food.  I realize how far Granbury is when we drive there and then realize, that’s probably what folks think when we tell them where we live in relation to work.

Hopefully we’ll get out there sooner rather than later again.  It was sure nice to see family.


I’m gearing up for another flight in June (Hello Montreal, Canada) – though I’m sure most of you know I am NOT looking forward to it.  What do you all do for anxiety relief on flights?  I’m trying a different medication this time (Xanax wasn’t working), but it’s a fast reacting one.  Hopefully, it’s stronger!

Super excited to meet some new parents for next year as we intake more Kinder families at MCA.   If you’re new to Kinder at MCA, drop me a note and say hello!  I’d love to connect with you more!



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