Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day, 2019!

One of the things we’ve started doing less of around Memorial Day is attending the typical BBQ festivities and using this holiday as an extra sleep in day.  We’ve been working pretty diligently to instill a sense of gratitude for what Armed Forces have done for us and this is another holiday where we can take the time to showcase that and explain the importance of those who sacrifice things so that we can be free.

Richard’s grandpa (both of them), my grandfathers (both of them), and my brother all served.  All 4 of our grandparents were focused on the US Army while my brother, a medically discharged veteran was in the Marine Corps.


Richard’s grandfather is buried at DFW National Cemetery.  It’s a sobering place, but it can really choke you up around Memorial Day as you see the hundreds of flags and vets walking around.  Coins line gravestones either as a way to say ‘We visited,’ ‘We trained together,’ or even ‘You died when I was there.’  It’s absolutely breathtaking.  A real reminder that freedom is never free.


This year, a school made cards and placed them in bags with sand or rocks to put in front of the headstones.  We picked up the one placed in front of Grampy’s grave.  This is just a wonderful thing that young school age kids can do.  I would encourage you, if you’re a teacher, please consider having your class make cards.  The families appreciate them that do get to come.  Granted, I can’t get through reading them without crying like a baby.

That brings up general flag etiquette.  I’m always surprised at the number of people who don’t know all the rules about displaying the flag.  How to indicate distress?  How to fly half-mast if you can’t lower your flag?  What side does it fly on with other flags?

There’s a great website here:

This week is pretty low-key for the kids.  We’re done with school, so this week is all about recovery.  After that, we start the weeks of Vacation Bible School coming up!

So tell me, what are your plans for the summer?  How do you keep your little ones busy?

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