Day 3 – otherwise known as veggies are hell day…

Okay.  So, here’s the deal.  I’ve dieted before.  I’ve tried Keto and Whole 30 and usually, Day 7 or 10 or so is about when I freak out and I’m all ‘Cheeseburger, please.’

I didn’t make it that far here.  Now, I stuck to my plan, so just keep on reading.  But, it WAS NOT easy.  And as I write this and am on Day 4, today was even harder.  But, let me fill you in on Day 3.

I’m not sure what was wrong with me today.  I woke up, the scale had gone down.  A total of 3.8 lbs lost so far.  Y’all, that’s just the Dr. Pepper and sweet tea finally leaving my bladder.  Nothing else.  I’m realistic.

IMG_0188I was a little more hungry than normal, so today, I ate in the car.   Perhaps it’s traffic.  I don’t know.  But this little muffin disappoints me every time I open it.  It’s sad – and small.  And it makes me realize how off my portion sizes have been this whole time.  Yes, that’s my pissed off look – because, I’m cranky y’all.  I’m looking at this little muffin thinking, “Whatever.  I’m just gonna eat it.  It will be fine.”

I have to keep reminding myself these muffins are filling.  I’m not sure if all muffins in the world are this filling, but perhaps NS puts something in them.  Maybe extra protein?  Fiber?  Anyone know?  Regardless – they are filling and this makes me happy.  I did pretty good after that.

I knew I had a long day, so I knew water was gonna be my friend today.  Around noon, I finally got a chance out of meetings and went to make my shake and get my veggies.  If you remember, I soak my veggies with peppercinis because I hate veggies and I can stand the vinegarish taste of these peppers to cut that nasty taste.

So, here’s me being all accountable.  What a pretty plate!  I mean, colorful, veggies.  A nice shake.  It was good.  Not.  Today was the ‘If I hate to eat another damn vegetable, I’m going to throw up’ day and that was day 2 of veggies.  I’m so screwed. I got it down and drank my shake as a reward.  Yay, chocolate!  I mean, these are actually rewarding enough to cut my sweet tooth and they are decently filling, too.  Big win on the shakes, y’all!

No.  Not no, but, if-I-eat-another-tomato-cucumber-or-carrot-imma-get-sick, no.  Every time I took a bite, I took a VERY small bite of the mashed potatoes as a reward (which even though this little bowl is intimidating, it was enough for me and it was filling and tasted good.  This one is a repeat.

However, those veggies?  After every bite, I had to cover my mouth and fight my gag reflex.  Yes, I’m that dramatic.  And yes, it was that bad.  Don’t sit over there and be all, “Oh, Kristin, veggies will be so good for you.”  Let me make this clear.

Red Meat. Potatoes.  Pizza.  Mac and Cheese.  And all the cookies and cupcakes in the world.  Yes, I have the palette of a 4 year old.  No, I’m not ashamed.  Yes, my waist line reflects it.

IMG_0195Okay, over lunch.  Snack on the way home, speaking of cookies…

These little things are a win, too.  They are VERY crispy.  There’s about 10 of them in that bag and I really only ate about half of them.  They were super good though.  A future win for the list when I’m craving sweet, but so far, I like the pretzels best for a snack.  Well, for filling and such.

But, great option, and nice ‘on-the-way-home’ snack.  They tasted real, which was nice, too.

img_0219.jpegDinner was my first Twinkie shelf life food.  I mean, I had the MRE before which was terrible and I missed dinner on day 2.  So, this was my attempt at dinner on day 3.  I’m literally judging it before I get it out of the package because it’s got cheese – and its not refrigerated.  I mean, how good can it be?  I took the contents out and read the instructions about a microwave safe plate, yada, yada, yada… And as I finished taking the contents out of the box, I freaked.  I mean, a lot freaked.

IMG_0218First of all, there’s a food freshener in my food.  Because #MRE. Second, this crust STINKS.  I mean, it smells like old food that is expired.

So, let me stop you here.

I’ve had two kids.  One of the things the Lord blessed me with is a sensitive nose.  Talk to any mom…we all get it.  We can smell toxic things and pee before anyone in the room.  We can sniff out dirty socks and smelly boys like we’re in a friggin competition.

It.  Never.  Goes.  Away.

And I’m thankful for that.  Because when my husband picks up the milk and says “Does this smell bad?,” I can respond with a gag reflex and he knows to chuck it.  (Sometimes.)

Okay, back to our story.

This smelled absolutely wretched.  My mom told me over and over this was actually really good.  To add my veggies to it, but I declined.  I’m making a commitment to try the food the way it’s packaged first before I make any changes.

Anyway, I spread the sad watery runny tomato sauce on the wet (I’m not sure why it was wet) feeling bread.  I opened up the cheese and to my surprise it was moist.  (I’m not going to ask why because I’m afraid if I know why, I won’t eat it.  And right now, there’s 100 pounds on my hips that says I need to just eat this and be okay with it.)

IMG_0225Into the microwave for a minute and some change and it comes out.  I grabbed a fork, sat down and took my first bite.  Y’all, it does look sad.  I get it.  But, as my mom kept telling me, don’t judge it.  Just try it.

Anyway, I sat down. My 8 year old son immediately said, “What stinks?”  Great, I thought.  Even his non-mom nose knows not to eat this crap.

I took a bite and I was pleasantly surprised.  I’m not sure what sorcery had been used to create this little meal that would probably survive a zombie apocalypse, but it’s good.  Surprisingly, good. 

I wasn’t about to eat any more veggies because I was done with that, but I finished up this pizza happily.  I even gave my son a bite and he loved it!  He said he didn’t think it was going to be good and he really liked it.

Anyway, I’ve got to figure out the veggie thing.  Because that ain’t gonna work for me. Perhaps there’s a powder green drink where I can get down 4 servings of veggies?  Have any suggestions?

Heading off for tonight.  Wanted to get this out there into the world before I forgot it though!  Accountability…and all. 🙂



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