Week 3 Complete!

Week 3 is complete!

I am supposed to measure inches lost at the end of this week, but I’m not feeling it y’all.  I go through these phases where I feel like I’ve lost something and then I get back and I’m all “Ugh…I don’t see it!”

People that know you’re on a diet are often so kind, too.  They mention how skinny you look but since you don’t see it yourself, you wonder if it’s genuine. And let’s be honest.  I’ve got a lot of ‘skinny’ to go.  There’s still a lot of me to love.

I thought I had only lost a pound, but after looking at my last weigh in, I’ve lost a total of 2 pounds for a total of 13 pounds (if you’re keeping track).  But, that wasn’t without lots of frustration this week.

I stepped off the FreshStart plan and onto the normal Nutrisystem and quickly learned cheese is from Satan.  I’m addicted to it and it makes me gain weight quickly.  So, as much as I like it, I will limit this.  A lot. That makes me sad for fajitas.  I mean, what good are fajitas (when I can do a cheat day) without gobs of queso?  And don’t sit over there and be all “You can eat corn tortillas and load up on veggies and it’s so good.”


No, it’s not.

There’s a great Mexican restaurant in Bells, Texas we go to – Tejas Mexican Grill.  Eric, the main guy there makes the best fajitas.  I’ve noticed lately they’ve had less cooked in butter flavor, but they are still delicious.  I usually eat a couple after I’ve eaten a whole basket of chips and salsa and feel delightfully full.  We haven’t been though recently because I’ve been on this lifestyle change (see, I didn’t even call it a diet there…) and our Saturdays lately have been jam packed with activities for the kids.  But, I’ll go back soon!  Even if it’s to eat 5 bites.

Last week, I weighed myself every single day.  It annoyed me to no-end.  I had days last week where I couldn’t stick with the plan and missed meals or drank 32 ounces of water all at once to meet a water goal and my body retained every drop of it.  I’ve got to get better.  Heck, even today, I missed breakfast at 9:30 due to a call and had it at 10:30 and now I’m going to be playing catchup all day.  So very annoying because I know what that does to your weight.  I can’t stand the gain weight one day, lose it the next.  It feels so counterproductive and deflating.

I’m learning that one of the most important things is scheduling and being consistent and drinking water throughout the day, not all at once.  Who woulda thunk?

Yesterday, I had so much sugar in my coffee too and I was talking to a co-worker about it – who recommended taking my protein shake and mixing it with my coffee to have iced coffee without the sugar.  So, that’s what we’ll be doing today.  Iced coffee with my FreshStart shake.

I’m also supremely frustrated about this snack stuff.

Now that I’m on the Nutrisystem plan, they want us to have 1 PF and 1 SC in the afternoon after lunch.  Well, that’s a lot of calories my friend.  And I find if I eat this, I’m barely hungry for dinner, much less the evening snack.  I literally have only eaten the evening snack once (because it’s scheduled at 8:30 and I don’t eat that late) and I ate it with dinner because it was ice cream.

What do I do about that?  Any of you NS’ers have a solution for that?

No new food reviews this week.  I’ve got an abundance of food now though, which is great, because I needed to get stocked back up.  I’ll be posting this week some things I got for snacks, too!  Stay tuned for that tomorrow!


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