Production Week = Forgetting to Eat

You ever had one of those weeks where you’re just so stupid busy that you literally forget to do the most basic human functions…like eat?  Y’all, I’m there. I mean, I’ve had those moments where I’ve literally had to run to the bathroom because I’m all ‘I should not delay any longer.’

This week has been terrible.  And thankfully, I’m not weighing myself daily because I think I would be so discouraged.  Yesterday, I forgot my shake.  I forgot to eat my veggies.  I forgot to log my water, but I drank it all.  Today, I forgot my breakfast and lunch.  I think I’m having one of those you-left-your-brain-in-bed days.  I think I need to up my caffeine intake or something.  Speaking of caffeine…

Coffee is a sin.

Like, literally.  I get in more trouble with coffee.  I am generally okay with the sugar-free creamer, but the last couple of days I’ve put in the sugar and the sugar free creamer.  That kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? I love the smell of coffee so much.  But generally, I hate the taste of 99.98% of coffees.  It’s usually so bitter.  I do Bulletproof coffee though. It’s the only coffee I can drink plain and it isn’t bitter.  So, for my coffee experts – drop me a line in the comments below and tell me why coffee beans are bitter.  (P.S.  I grind my own beans and use a french press.)

img_0942I made coffee the other day (hot) and then let it cool down and added some ice and my chocolate shake.  It was so pretty and swirly and it actually tasted really great!  It was a good option to a chocolate iced mocha, but a little frothy.

I need to try the vanilla like this, but I’m a little nervous to try this at work without a blender.  It seems like most of the benefit from this comes from being able to put it in a blender and get it more thick.  Maybe like going to Starbucks and getting one of those 123091823137 calorie Frappucinos that I don’t even bother with anymore.  I mean, my wasitline thanks me, but I’m sure my wallet sure appreciates that I’m not spending $5.00 on a frappucino every single day anymore, either.

New Food:

The other day, I was so hungry when I got home and all day I had been craving chocolate.  Literally, trying to walk past every candy jar at work (dang it, Halloween week) and avoid them.  I knew if I didn’t eat something sweet I was going to fail miserably.  This is exactly why I ordered those sweet treats from Nutrisystem.  For dinner, I picked a lower calorie option – the stuffed shells.  I try to take pics of it in the box, before cooking and then after cooking.  The picture above is on a saucer cup plate that holds a 4 oz. saucer cup – just to give you size perspective.  I’m not fond of any of the tomato sauce dinners that NS has to offer.  I think a lot of them use quite a bit of basil or something.  (Hint:  I don’t like basil.)

From there, I had the fudge bar.  Again, I was looking for low calorie options and this amazingly large bar was only 100 calories!  WIN!  It certainly didn’t taste like the Blue Bell fudge bars, but that’s okay.  I ate it anyway and it killed that craving I had!

My breakfast the other day was the Chocolate Chip Baked bar.  I think I could literally live off of these.  They are simply amazing! If you’re looking for a good food option, I would recommend this!  My lunches are getting more green veggies on them and I’m starting put Tapatio sauce on pretty much everything.  And I’m relying more on my NS snacks instead of packing my own because it’s easier not to fail that way.

This Sunday will mark one month on this diet lifestyle change.  Things I miss are:

Chick-fil-A breakfast fillets, Whataburger breakfast taquitos, Blue Bell cookies and cream ice cream, Oreos and milk, Kraft mac and cheese, Buc-ees BBQ sandwiches, and The Cheezy from Wayback Burgers.

Like none of that is even close to being a Flex Meal.  Like, ever.

So, for now, I’ll just keep going.

I did have my first flex meal this morning.  Since I forgot my food, I went across the street and got 2 scrambled eggs and a piece of rye toast.  Instead of coffee, I had a sugar-free Red Bull.  (5 calories!) .

All in all, I feel like I’m doing okay.  I think I have to measure inches lost soon, but I think I’ll do that at the end of week 5 since I didn’t take the measurements until almost the end of week 1.

Now, off to lunch.



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