Graduation, Rainbows, and Pool Time!

Well, the last few weeks have been a catch up game!  A couple of weeks ago, we decided to start working on the pool.  We haven’t done much with it in the last couple of years since Elysha broke her leg and then we tried to get it done one year and got a massive rain that was just completely discouraging.  So, we left it.  And the Loch Ness monster grew in it.

Well, now it’s clean and taken care of and the kids are LOVING swimming!  Silas is learning how to swim finally and he’s really getting his confidence built up.  He is doing okay because he can still touch the ground, but we’re working on the confidence part when he can’t touch the ground.  I’ve learned that him having a snorkel and mask helped him a lot.  He’s got a tendency to panic, so it’s been a lot of teaching him to relax and breathe when he’s trying to swim.  But, look at him now!

That kid is SO happy!

We went to graduation for Bryane the other day, too.   Really small school (for public) and so proud he graduated!   I know his mama and dad sure were proud, too.  We picked up Gram and Uncle Paul too and hauled them out there with us.  Long walk for them and they were exhausted by the time they got done, but we got them out there and I know the family sure appreciated seeing them!

Congrats, Bryane!  On to the next big thing!

My two sillies are growing like weeds.  Elysha is a hot mess and really having to work on her attitude and Silas is still learning, every day.  We’ve recently learned he has some of the MTHFR issues, so now we’re tackling that.  We also learned that medications he’s been on are ALL wrong.  So, we’re taking him off those, too.  More on that in another blog, though.  Check back!  I need some more time to research and see how he’s behaving with supplements.

We had birthday parties with friend and we’re doing lots of VBS these days.  And of course, napping.  Silas seems to not be getting enough rest, too.  I’ve had him start journaling how he’s feeling and we’ll see if there’s any coordination between supplements and emotions/feelings.


Super crazy thunderstorm moved in yesterday and just a few days ago, caught the most AMAZING rainbow in our backyard.  It’s been pretty cool to watch the weather lately. We’ve had an amazing series of thunderstorms lately and watching them roll in and out has been nice.  We’ve been very fortunate that there’s been no damage to our house, though the driveway is simply dead now. 😦

Daddy’s been working on the cars and Mama’s been working on rearranging the house.  I tried to take down Silas’ paintings behind his bed, but he wasn’t having any part of it.  Still wants them up there.  To be honest, I’m not hurt. :). Hanging onto every little moment of his baby-hood.

Finished off dinner at Uncle Julios.  Had to grab my phone and snap this picture. Seems to be my life with everyone on their phones lately. 🙂

So tell me, how has your week been?


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