Treading Water

You ever had those moments where you look at your schedule and wonder how in the world you’re making it all fit?  Yeah, me too.

I recently read a book (well, morel like listened to an audio book, because I don’t have time to just ‘sit and read’) that talked about how we’ll never have enough time.  Because when we have time, we fill it with something else.

Marriage, kids, Church, relationships, friends, house work, house repair work (not the same!), cars that need to be fixed, kids that need homework help, after school activities, music lessons, trying to start a side business, etc., etc., etc..

I mean, I’m exhausted just listing it out.

This blog seems to be one of those things that falls to the wayside when life gets busy.

So, here’s what’s been missed (in no particular order)

First Day of School:

Yes, we had two kids start their first day of school again!  Kinder and 3rd grade this year.


We made the decision to start the boy without meds this year and I’m kind of glad I didn’t write a post then because looking back, this has been the best thing for him.  Behavior is hard sometimes, but I saw this awesome post that reminds me that even as adults, we don’t have great days every day.  Why do we expect our kids to? Seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it?

I think he’s happier, too.  His personality changed quite a bit over the summer as we slowly got him back to a normal base.  It took time, but I think it’s been well worth the effort we put in to make sure he was feeling better.

Little bit also seems happier.  She is playing with her brother more and I notice she’s a lot more welcoming to play with him on his terms versus not.  She seems protective over him, but there are days I think she may throw him to the wolves!

DIY Bathroom:

Richard and I have always wanted to redo our bathroom since we bought the house.  We had a leak in the shower a few years ago and just haven’t used it, but we decided to start tearing it apart.  Now, we’re at a stand-still trying to agree to what to build.  We know we’ve got more demo work to come – and we also know we have some leaks to repair!

We also installed a much bigger fan in the living room – man, that made a huge difference.  I can’t tell you how heavy that thing is though!  It was a beast to get it up there!


Richard and I met our deductibles this year.  I had two surgeries this year (a hysterectomy and then a surgery to repair a torn meniscus).  Richard had a hernia that had to be repaired, too.  I did get some pretty cool leg pumps out of it, which will help with my lymphedema, too!  But man, having two surgeries within 4 weeks of each other was tough on my body.

The kids were a huge help though.  They learned to do laundry, love on the dogs some more, helped us clean, and more.  They were a big help when we needed them – for which we were thankful – especially given how small they are!

Farm Work:

While Richard was recovering from his hernia, he had our tractor and zero-turn fixed.  That meant we were without them for a while.  And the grass…well, it got high. Bad high.

In some places, that grass was over the top of the tractor!  No kidding!

Lastly, I leave you with this:  Texas is beautiful.  We are so blessed to have an amazing home and great neighbors!  Lots of help during our times of need from friends and family all around.  And then, there’s what the Lord provides.  His perfect plan slows us down enough to remind us to be thankful every day.  And he helps us fall in love with His work, every day.





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